Star Citizen’s eagerly anticipated first-person shooter module is nearing release, developer Cloud Imperium Games has confirmed. The Arena Commander dogfighting update is expected to hit the public test server any day now, and once CIG has this sorted it’s turning its attention to the imminent FPS module.

Also being implemented in a future Star Citizen update is a new and improved damage model, incorporating location-based effects that can see spaceships dismantled piece by piece from incoming fire. Individual chunks can be blown off at will, inevitably impacting the manoeuvrability of the under-fire ship, with the video below demonstrating entire wings being systematically dismantled.

In terms of the FPS module it’s currently in the midst of QA testing while the art team does a final pass over the character models. It’s being created in conjunction with a number of ex-Crysis devs from Crytek, so it’s some shooter pedigree behind it.

If you’ve contributed to the $75 million raised by Star Citizen so far then keep an eye on the test servers for updates to Arena Commander module and damage modelling, with the FPS module following soon after.