I thought I’d be old, grey, and wizened when I finally typed these words, but Introversion has announced that Prison Architect will be launching this year. Let me type that again so I can believe myself - Prison Architect will be leaving Early Access by the end of the year 2015.

No concrete date has been set yet, but Prison Architect will be arriving on PC, with Introversion working on a mobile version and also looking for a retail partner for a potential console iteration. Prison Architect has just hit Alpha release 29, and has been loitering on Steam Early Access since back when it was first introduced in March 2013.

As of January 29th, Prison Architect has shifted 1,066,233 units, making it a genuine Early Access success, with Introversion acknowledging “that's an amazing number and we want to thank all our the players, and of course the press for helping us to get here.

Prison Architect Alpha 29 is detailed in some length in the video below, but one of its chief additions is a Parole system. This allows a dedicated parole room where the Warden, Chief, and Lawyer can decide a prisoner’s future. In addition the update includes libraries and places of worship. My widespread experience of TV prison dramas suggest both are fantastic places for a good shivving.

Have you been holding off on buying Prison Architect until it’s formally released? Hoping for a life sentence? Get into your cell blocks and let us know!