The gaming world’s attention might be squarely focused on the recent launch of Elite: Dangerous, but Cloud Imperium Games has given us a little nudge that it still means business with the incredible looking Star Citizen.

While Elite: Dangerous is certainly ambitious, Star Citizen is looking to take the concept of sci-fi space faring and launch it into orbit. To give gamers a taster of what to expect from Star Citizen when it begins to officially arrive next year, CIG has debuted an absolutely awe-inspiring new trailer taking a peek at everything we can expect from this next-generation experience.

Twisting dogfights, frenetic shootouts, and ultra-velocity racing are just the tip of the iceberg here, as we get a look at what Chris Roberts has deemed the modern-day answer to Wing Commander.

So far Star Citizen has amassed nearly $67 million in crowdfunding, and it’s currently bringing in roughly $1 million a week, a staggering figure that dwarfs the $500,000 goal originally asked for in its Kickstarter. While the Arena Commander and Hangar modules are available now for those who pay for a ship, the full persistent universe and the single-player Squadron 42 campaign will be made available during mid-2015.

Which side of the fence do you fall on, Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous? Any GD'ers splashed out on some Early Access yet? Let us know your thoughts!