With a game as ambitious and successful as Star Citizen, it inevitably eventually hits a roadblock. The crowdfunding success keeps smashing through target after target, just recently hitting $63 million funding. The only problem is the team at Cloud Imperium Games needs to keep dreaming up new ideas for where to use all that funding.

When you’ve already got an absolutely massive universe, ship to ship combat, racing, a first-person shooter module, a persistent universe and three fully realised alien languages, there’s only one logical place to go next. Pets. Every worthwhile sci-fi epic has a pet, whether it’s Jones the Cat in Alien or, ummm, Chewbacca in Star Wars, and Star Citizen is no different.

Most crowdfunded projects peter out eventually, but Star Citizen looks to be going from strength to strength, raking in $2 million in the past fortnight alone. CIG have said the extra dosh received when funding hits $64 million will go on a bunch of normal terrestrial pets, cats and dogs and the like, as well as a few more exotic entities the team can dream up. If the cats are anything like real cats then you probably don’t want them anywhere near cockpit, they have a habit of sitting on perfectly the wrong thing, before lazily flicking a tale and wiping out an entire planet.

We have repair bots, we have fish… but we haven’t implemented a traditional pet system in Star Citizen yet. At $64 million, that changes. From Jones the Cat in Alien to the Battlestar Galactica’s Daggit, pets have a place onboard starships… and we want to give you that option in Star Citizen. Expect traditional terrestrial options, plus anything exotic we can dream up in the Star Citizen universe! (Those Torshu Grey crabs that keep escaping are just the start),” explains CIG in a letter to fans.

Star Citizen is a juggernaut that shows no signs of stopping, but where can the crowdfunding goals possibly go next?