Bungie has announced the Iron Banner mode in the multiplayer mode of Destiny will return to the game with a host of new improvements following the concerns and issues gathered from the user feedback the developer has received. Whereas in Destiny's Crucible mode the players are stripped of all power advantage to create a level playing field, the Iron Banner mode was designed to be the opposite.

In this mode players' armour and damage ratings are supposed to help tip the balance in favour of the higher level Destiny characters. Following complaints that the advantages gained for higher levels in Iron Banner mode weren't in action,  Bungie reeled it in to tinker with it and are now ready to send it back into the fray. In the new Iron Banner Bungie has been far less conservative in how a player's equipment and level can give them an advantage in a gunfight.

Iron Medallion awards mean losers won't leave Iron Banner empty handed

The next Iron Banner will require a Fireteam leader to be at least level 20 to enter; lower level players can then join their higher levelled chaperone in the fight. To prevent the problem of players quitting when they’re losing the developers have added some pretty worthwhile incentives to see out the match, even when things aren’t going exactly to plan. With a loss players will receive a Medallion of Iron and when the time comes for their next win the medallion will convert into a reputation gain almost equal to a win.

Several other new features and improvements are listed in the developers weekly update. The Iron Banner isn't the only change coming to Destiny though, with Bungie already lining up a pair of large-scale expansion packs, the first of which is due later this year. The Dark Below expansion will take players to several new areas and will include new story missions, Strikes, and Raids on planets currently in the game.

What do you think of Bungie's post-game support for Destiny so far since launch? Do you think the expansion packs will be enough to keep players hooked into Destiny's level grind? Let us know!