How desperate are you for Half-Life 3? Probably not as desperate Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, who have started up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $150,000 in order to pester Valve into finishing starting to develop the highly sought after sequel.

Yep, you read that right, $150k to get all up in Valve’s grill in an attempt to get the sequel that's been a decade in the waiting. There’s no doubt now that Half-Life 3 has become more than the sum of its parts by now; no matter what Valve puts out it’s likely never going to reach the absurd expectations whipped up by a feverous gaming community. Despite this we can all dream though, and Salem and Mazzei have crushed previous HL3 campaigns with this elaborate crowdfunding campaign that includes Gabe Newell lookalikes and a stadium-filling gig.

A team of Gabe Newell lookalikes could be brought on board to stand outside Valve HQ.

The “We Want Half-Life 3” Indiegogo campaign is using flexible funding, which mean whatever money the pair earns, whether they reach the $150,000 goal or not, will be theirs to keep. The pair work for marketing firm McKee Wallwork and Co, so they obviously know their way around a marketing campaign.

Onwards and upwards to the four ridiculous funding goals though. First up is an Adword Campaign if they manage to reach $3,000. This will be a Google ad campaign laser targeted to all 300 employees of Valve, so every time they search for their own name in the ads on the right it will say “We Want Half-Life 3”.

Moving up to $9,000, and the plan here is to rent one of the giant billboard trucks and drive around Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Of course the billboard will be adorned with, what else, “We Want Half-Life 3”.

Next up in this ever-absurder campaign, $45,000 will be enough to get a load of Gabe Newell lookalikes sporting “We Want HL3” t-shirts. They’ll be deployed right outsight Valve’s offices, so none of the employees will be able to miss them on their morning commute.

Finally $150,000 nets the “Most Epic Concert EVER” at an undisclosed venue in Seattle. It’ll be a gig exclusively for Half-Life fans and promises some of the biggest names in video game music. To make things extra-sweet, all 300 employees at Valve will receive personal invites to the concert.

The whole campaign is frankly ridiculous but we guess by now anything goes when it comes to Half-Life 3. Valve has been rumoured to be working on HL3 for years now, but nothing has ever been seen or heard of it. At once it seemed inevitable Valve would release a third game in the series, but now, following the unstoppable success of Steam, it seems difficult to imagine why they would.

If you want to get backing then you can see the full campaign here over on Indiegogo. Do you think a nagging campaign like this has any chance of success? Will Half-Life 3 ever actually see the light of day? Let us know what you think below!