Only yesterday we were talking about the massive 22 different releases of Prison Architect in our feature on the best Early Access titles available on Steam. Now Introversion has gone and released yet another update, bringing Prison Architect up to Alpha 23 and adding a host of new goodies with which to keep them baddies locked up.

Chief among these is an overhaul to your prison’s technologies, giving you logic circuits, revamped CCTV, and a door control system allowing your guards to open them remotely. Great for shepherding your inmates around like rowdy cattle.

Contraband smuggling has also been completely redone, and now illegal items can be smuggled in from outside the prison compounds, whether it’s via a delivery truck or in a tennis ball thrown over the wall. Dogs will now be on the hunt for narcotics, while metal detectors will spot the ready-made shivs. No word yet on the classic butt-smuggling, that's presumably being saved for a later update. 

Of course that’s not all there is, and Prison Architect producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay have released a rather extensive video to demonstrate all the new bits and bobs that will be at your fingertips in Prison Architect Alpha 23.

Prison Architect Alpha 23 is available to pick up now from Steam Early Access, although there’s no word just yet on when it will reach its final release. Have you given this prison management sim a go yet? Does the fact it’s in Early Access put you off from picking it up? Crawl underneath that barbed wired fence and let us know if the comments section below!