Ubisoft has revealed details on the size of Far Cry 4’s map, claiming that it’s similar in size and scope to that seen in Far Cry 3, with the focus this time instead on delivering a denser and more detailed world.

Despite the series launching for the first time on the current-gen consoles, Far Cry 4’s game director Alex Hutchinson has said that that the game world’s actual size will remain much the same, although this time around the Himalayan environment should feel much alive than anything previously seen in the series…

Far Cry 4 will reportedly offer more dynamic content across its map.

While on paper the landmass will be a similar size, the verticality of Far Cry 4’s mountains will mean a lot more content will be crammed in. Hutchinson said the team are trying to “pack in more events where you come across NPCs, more events where you come across enemies doing unusual stuff."

During the recent interview Hutchinson also hinted at a number of other elements that will make it into the final game. Due to Far Cry 4’s mountainous landscape oxygen will be scarce in some areas, while it's also possible to trigger a full-scale avalanche during a one-time only event.

Interestingly, during select Far Cry 4 in-game cinematics the player will be able to interrupt it with an action. These will be hidden moments, with no button prompts or signposting indicating them, relying instead on the player making a split-second choice. This should in turn affect the narrative, which will once again feature multiple endings, although the decisions leading up to them will be much more blurred.

Finally, competitive multiplayer will be making a return, and this is a real area of focus for the team at Ubisoft. Far Cry 3’s multiplayer was not the success they had intended, and Hutchinson believes the team has from learned from this when delivering Far Cry 4’s multiplayer experience.

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