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Back when Croteam and Devolver Digital officially announced Serious Sam 4, they gave a vague August 2020 release date. Well, it’s August now, and the developers have come out to say that what they really meant to say was September 2020 instead, more specifically September 24th, and a new trailer for Serious Sam 4 was released to mark the occasion.
Intel isn’t exactly having a good time as of late. It all started when they announced that their 7nm process nodes would be delayed by 6 months along with their 10nm nodes, which they are currently being sued over for investor’s fraud. That snowballed into share prices dropping, allowing AMD to take over the Blue team for the first time ever. The company was even accused of violating the FinFET patents, which could lead to the Core series being banned in China.
This one seems to have caught us off guard, but if you were ever on the fence about the zany looter-shooter Borderlands 3, then now is a perfect time to try it out as the entire full game (the standard version that is) is currently free to play on Steam until August 12th at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm BST, or 3am AEDT on August 13th.
Warner Brothers recently announced that they will be holding a DC FanDome event on August 22nd, for all things related to the DC universe. This includes movies, TV shows, comics and, of course, video games. Well today Rocksteady, the developers of the Batman Arkham series, confirmed that their upcoming Suicide Squad game will be shown at the event.
This week’s free game titles from the Epic Games Store include some rather interesting games, such as the indie puzzler 3 out of 10. So if you’re looking for some games to fill your time this weekend then these will be the perfect way to do so.
The August version of PlayStation 5’s State of Play livestream just debuted last night, and we got a lot of new gameplay and trailers for previously already announced games, as well as a brand new title coming to the PlayStation 5. So we’ve compiled all the latest videos from the stream in a big PlayStation 5 State of Play recap below.
The latest chapter in the Fast and Furious saga has raced onto PC platforms today with Project Cars 3 franchise, will the PC racing game require a beefed up sports car to run? Or can it run on a measly and puttering engine? We take a look at the official PC system requirements for Fast & Furious: Crossroads.
2K's yearly outing in the basketball sports genre is launching next month with NBA 2K21, and whilst they always look pretty good with a decent coating of realistic-looking sweat on everyone's foreheads, the PC version has been reported to be the current-gen console version. So how demanding is it? Will the NBA 2K21 system specs make our PCs sweat like the players? Or are they relatively accessible? We dive in and take a look at the official NBA 2K21 PC system requirements...
Guerilla’s epic open-world action game Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way onto the PC platform today, and whilst pre-loading the game is already available, at what time will it actually unlock? We take a look at the PC unlock times for Horizon: Zero Dawn for each region.
If you’ve been sitting around anxiously awaiting more news of Cyberpunk 2077, then don’t worry your fix is coming soon. CD Projekt Red announced that the second episode of their Night City Wire livestream will be airing August 10th (this coming Monday) and will be showing off more of the game’s features and characters.
Tomorrow is the day, as Horizon Zero Dawn's PC debut will be officially upon us, and whilst we've already run some interesting PC performance benchmarks for the game, we noticed some odd discrepancies and anomalies resulting in some strange graphical issues. There doesn't seem to be one exact reason as to why these occur, but just in case you were planning on running Horizon: Zero Dawn with some low-end hardware, we thought we should let you know what you're getting into.