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Intel Pentium M 2.0GHz

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How well can the Pentium M 2.0GHz run games
Pentium M 2.0GHz Performance Specification
CPU Speed
Physical Cores
CPU Codename
TDP (Power)
Mobo Socket
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CPU Details
2 GHz
1 cores
Socket 479
Pentium M 2.0GHz Game Requirement Analysis

The Pentium M brand refers to a family of mobile single-core x86 microprocessors (with the modified Intel P6 microarchitecture) introduced in March 2003 (during the heyday of the Pentium 4 desktop CPUs), and forming a part of the Intel Carmel notebook platform under the then new Centrino brand. The Pentium M processors had a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 5?27 W depending on the model, and were intended for use in laptops (thus the 'M' suffix standing for mobile). They evolved from the core of the last Pentium III?branded CPU by adding the front-side bus (FSB) interface of Pentium 4, an improved instruction decoding and issuing front end, improved branch prediction, SSE2 support, and a much larger cache. The first Pentium M?branded CPU, code-named Banias, was followed by Dothan. The Pentium M-branded processors were succeeded by the Core-branded dual-core mobile Yonah CPU with a modified microarchitecture.

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Pentium M 2.0GHz vs Avg. AAA Game System Requirements
Avg. AAA Recommended Requirements
Graphics Card
Popular Game System Requirements
Game Min. Rec.
Cyberpunk 2077 1640% 1701%
Assassins Creed: Valhalla 1718% 2325%
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 1645% 2254%
Mafia: Definitive Edition 1352% 1836%
eFootball PES 2021 1100% 1836%
Genshin Impact 785% 1264%
FIFA 21 1210% 1584%
Death Stranding 1678% 2100%
Watch Dogs Legion 1710% 2325%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1940% 1940%
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