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AMD Athlon L110

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How well can the Athlon L110 run games
Athlon L110 Performance Specification
CPU Speed
Physical Cores
CPU Codename
TDP (Power)
Mobo Socket
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CPU Details
1.2 GHz
1 cores
Socket S1
Athlon L110 Game Requirement Analysis

The Athlon made its debut on June 23, 1999. Athlon is the ancient Greek word for Champion/trophy of the games. Athlon is the brand name applied to a series of x86-compatible microprocessors designed and manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The original Athlon (now called Athlon Classic) was the first seventh-generation x86 processor and retained the initial performance lead it had over Intel's competing processors for a significant period of time. The original Athlon also had the distinction of being the first desktop processor to reach speeds of one gigahertz (GHz). AMD has continued using the Athlon name with the Athlon 64, an eighth-generation processor featuring x86-64 (later renamed AMD64) architecture, and the Athlon II.

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Release period
Unknown Release Date
Athlon L110 vs Avg. AAA Game System Requirements
Avg. AAA Recommended Requirements
Graphics Card
Popular Game System Requirements
Game Min. Rec.
Battlefield 2042 2733% 3991%
Forza Horizon 5 1970% 2838%
Battlefield 6 2733% 3991%
Far Cry 6 2851% 4512%
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 3747% 6342%
Resident Evil 8 2939% 5546%
Elden Ring 1483% 2733%
Grand Theft Auto VI 2851% 4705%
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora 1334% 3147%
Halo Infinite 2733% 3991%
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