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AMD Radeon Pro Duo 8GB [not released]

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How well can the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB run games
4 Jul 2020 - Graphics card reviewed

A true powerhouse, the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB will run even the most demanding game system requirements released today. Capable of running games with up to a DirectX 12 requirement.

This PC hardware performance game review for the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB graphics card, when running 2020 more popular games, lets us see what type of FPS this card gets when playing at 1080p, 1440p and 4K screen resolutions and ultra settings. When considering how well this graphics card can run the 1000 most demanding games available today it can best 963 of the games’ recommended graphics requirements.

The Radeon Pro Duo 8GB graphics card is returning a strong performance on Valorant at 1080p of 762 frames per second at Ultra graphics settings. Another popular title that is good to benchmark graphics cards against is Hyper Scape which we predict will get good frame rates of 75 FPS. A third game we can look at on Ultra at 1080p is the popular Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is predicted to get 75 FPS under tests.

We move on to 1440p, and tested Valorant which delivered strong FPS results. Here are the graphic presets - Low: 1534 FPS, Medium: 1209 FPS, High: 814 FPS and Ultra: 581 FPS. Next we have Hyper Scape running on Radeon Pro Duo 8GB which is predicted to get L: 151FPS, M: 119FPS, H: 80FPS, U: 57FPS. And for performance contrast the popular Horizon: Zero Dawn is predicted to get L: 151FPS, M: 119FPS, H: 80FPS, U: 57FPS at 1440p. In summary we feel the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB running at 1440p is a very strong choice of graphics cards at higher resolution gaming. 4K gaming with this graphics card is certainly something that can be achieved across a number of the latest games and still achieve good graphics settings at those resolutions. Ultra 1440p is also a regular occurrence with this gpu.

How many years will the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB graphics card play newly released games and how long until you should consider upgrading the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB in your PC? 2-3 years of top end gaming before an upgrade

Whats a good PC graphics upgrade for the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB? If you want an upgrade suggestion for the Radeon Pro Duo 8GB then a good choice would be 20 Series GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB as this is better than 993 of the top 1000 most demanding game requirements with 20% better performance as well. Alternatively we would suggest getting a RX 5000 Series Radeon RX 5900, as it can run 993 of the top 1000 demanding game requirements today with 20% increased graphics performance.
FPS System Benchmark
105 FPS
The Radeon Pro Duo 8GB was released on 26 Apr 2016

Radeon Pro Duo 8GB Game FPS Benchmarks On Ultra

AMD PC game performance check Radeon Pro Duo 8GB
GCN 1.2 Capsaicin XT (x2)
Texture Rate
512 GTexel/s
64 (x2)
Pixel Rate
128 GPixel/s
Processing Units
Driver Support
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star
Release Price
Direct X
DX 12.0
Open GL
Resolution (WxH)
Notebook GPU
8192 MB
Memory Speed
500 MHz
Memory Bus
4096 Bit
Memory Type
Memory Bandwidth
L2 Cache
Display Connectors
VGA Connection
DVI Connection
HDMI Connection
DisplayPort Connection
Clock Speeds
Core Speed
1000 MHz
Max Power
350 Watts
750 Watt & 50 Amps
Power Connector
3x 8-pin
Recommended Hardware
Best RAM Match
16 GB
Best Resolution
3840 x 2160
GPU Upgrade
Resolution Performance
1366x768 1600x900 1920x1080 2560x1440 3840x2160
- -
- -
Radeon Pro Duo 8GB Game Requirement Analysis

Radeon Pro Duo, previously known as Fury X2, is a Dual-Graphics Solution based on the Third Revision of the Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture.

Not Available Yet.

It equips a GPU Codenamed Capsaicin XT which is a combination of two Fiji XT put together which have 128 Compute Units activated and thus offer 8192 Shader Processing Units, 512 TMUs and 256 ROPs. The Central Unit is clocked at 1000MHz.

Each GPU accesses a 4GB frame buffer of stacked HBM-1 memory, through a 4096-bit memory interface. The size of the frame buffer is adequate. The Memory Clock Operates at 500MHz.

Power Consumption
Radeon Pro Duo 8GB has a Rated Board TDP of 350W and requires 3x8-pin connectors.

Not Available Yet.

System Suggestions
Radeon Pro Duo 8GB is best suited for resolutions up to and including 3840x2160. We recommend a High-End Processor and 16GB of RAM for Optimal Performance.

Source [Pip]
Radeon Pro Duo 8GB vs Avg. AAA Game System Requirements
Avg. AAA Recommended Requirements
Graphics Card
Popular Game System Requirements
Game Min. Rec.
Cyberpunk 2077 54% 8%
Hyper Scape 69% 38%
Assassins Creed: Valhalla 59% 8%
Far Cry 6 38% 2%
Valorant 98% 93%
Horizon: Zero Dawn 46% 33%
Watch Dogs Legion 75% 29%
Death Stranding 60% 29%
Grand Theft Auto VI 38% 1%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 38% 38%
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