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How well can the GeForce GTX 780 6GB run games
14 Oct 2020 - Graphics card reviewed

While some games have more powerful requirements than this GPU, the GeForce GTX 780 6GB is only really challenged by the most demanding games released today, but normally it is more than capable of running games with a stable frame rate at 1080p. All games with system requirements of DirectX 11 or lower are met by this card.

Here is a performance review on how capable the GeForce GTX 780 6GB is at running the more popular games of 2020. Specifically looking at this PC hardware’s ability to get suitable frames per second to play on Ultra game settings and what FPS it might get on 1080p, 1440p and 4K screen res. This graphics hardware can run 113 of the 1000 most demanding PC games played today.

A GeForce GTX 780 6GB card at 1080p is predicted to see a playable frame rate when running Watch Dogs Legion on Ultra - 41 FPS. Lets look at the predicted performance it will get on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which is 37 FPS. To add a bit more variety lets see how the popular Genshin Impact performs on this hardware, which gets a playable 41 FPS.

Moving screen sizes up to 1440p we researched Watch Dogs Legion on the GeForce GTX 780 6GB and predict it will get a playable set of frame rates. Here are the low to ultra predictions at 1440p - L: 83FPS, M: 65FPS, H: 44FPS, U: 31FPS. Another popular game to investigate at 1440p with this card was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which we predicted will be playable in performance netting an Ultra FPS of 28 FPS. Finally we then took a look at Genshin Impact where its Ultra 1440p Frame rates were playable at 31 FPS. Running games at 1440p with a GeForce GTX 780 6GB is a reasonable choice for most modern games at 1440p, but you may encounter some need to adjust graphics settings down from Ultra to High in some cases to improve gaming stability.

How many years will the GeForce GTX 780 6GB graphics card play newly released games and how long until you should consider upgrading the GeForce GTX 780 6GB in your PC? There is around 6-12 months of top end gaming left in this card, at which point its graphics card replacement time, assuming the GeForce GTX 780 6GB is part of your PC gaming machine.

Whats a good PC graphics upgrade for the GeForce GTX 780 6GB? Are you looking to upgrade a GeForce GTX 780 6GB? Then we would suggest getting a 16 Series GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, as it can run 825 of the top 1000 demanding game requirements today with 47% increased graphics performance. Alternatively a suitable upgrade choice for the GeForce GTX 780 6GB is the RX 5000 Series Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB, which is 21% more powerful and can run 763 of the 1000 most demanding PC games beating their recommended requirements.
FPS System Benchmark
57 FPS
The GeForce GTX 780 6GB is released on 10 Sep 2013

GeForce GTX 780 6GB Game FPS Benchmarks On Ultra

Nvidia PC game performance check GeForce GTX 780 6GB
Kepler GK110-301-B1
Texture Rate
173 GTexel/s
Pixel Rate
43 GPixel/s
Processing Units (Cuda Cores)
Ray Tracing Cores
Tensor Cores
Driver Support
golden star golden star golden star golden star empty star
Release Price
Direct X
DX 12.0
Open GL
Resolution (WxH)
Notebook GPU
6144 MB
Memory Speed
1502 MHz
Memory Bus
384 Bit
Memory Type
Memory Bandwidth
L2 Cache
Display Connectors
VGA Connection
DVI Connection
HDMI Connection
DisplayPort Connection
Clock Speeds
Core Speed
863 MHz
Boost Clock
902 MHz
Max Power
250 Watts
600 Watt & 42 Amps
Power Connector
1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin
Recommended Hardware
Best RAM Match
8 GB
Best Resolution
2560 x 1440
GPU Upgrade
Resolution Performance
1366x768 1600x900 1920x1080 2560x1440 3840x2160
GeForce GTX 780 6GB Game Requirement Analysis

GeForce GTX 780 6GB is a High-End Graphics Card based on the first revision of the Kepler Architecture.

The Kepler Architecture was NVIDIA's big step to power efficiency. Each Stream Multiprocessor (SMX) now hosts 192 Shader Processing Units - against the 48 of older Fermi Architecture, and has been redesigned being now clocked at the same speed of the Central Unit. This means they are more energy efficient and will consequently lead to cooler operating temperatures. However, it also means they are weaker. It can be said that one Fermi SMX is as fast as 2 Kepler SMXs.
Additionally, and not available in all GPUs, Kepler also introduced the Boost Clock Feature. The Boost Clock is an even higher Clock Speed activated when in gaming mode and becomes the effective speed of the GPU.

It equips a GPU Codenamed GK110-301-B1 which has 12 SM activated and thus offers 1664 Shader Processing Units, 192 TMUs and 48 ROPs, on a 384-bit memory interface of fast GDDR5. The central unit runs at 863MHz and goes up to 902MHz.

The GPU accesses a 6GB frame buffer of fast GDDR5, through a 384-bit memory interface. The size of the frame buffer is somewhat exaggerated. The Memory Clock Operates at 1502MHz.

DirectX 11.2 Support (11.0 Hardware Default) and support for SLI, GameStream, G-SYNC, GPU Boost 2.0, GeForce Experience, PhysX and other technologies.

Power Consumption
With a rated board TDP of 250W, it requires at least a 600W PSU with one available 6-pin and 8-pin connectors.

Gaming benchmarks prove that at 2560x1600 GeForce GTX 780 6GB is around 10% faster than its original 3GB version.

System Suggestions
We recommend a very strong processor (Intel Core i7 Quad Core/AMD FX Eight Core) and 8GB of RAM for a system with GeForce GTX 780 6GB.

Source [Pip]
GeForce GTX 780 6GB vs Avg. AAA Game System Requirements
Avg. AAA Recommended Requirements
Graphics Card
Popular Game System Requirements
Game Min. Rec.
Cyberpunk 2077 9% 17%
Assassins Creed: Valhalla 31% 8%
Genshin Impact 67% 18%
eFootball PES 2021 46% 41%
FIFA 21 57% 41%
Watch Dogs Legion 2% 14%
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 40% 20%
Marvel's Avengers 46% 11%
Mafia: Definitive Edition 49% 69%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4% 4%
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