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 Post subject: What Games Can I Run?
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:44 pm 
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What Games Can I Run with my PC?

Lots of you ask this question and to be honest I think it is one of the most common questions a PC Gamer will ask. Gamers do not always have the best computers, one that is capable of playing all games, plus there are a lot of classic older games that still deliver excellent gameplay and enjoyment so how do we know what we can play?
Well we have now built the tools to answer this question and lots more like it. You will find the tools in our Premium Area on the main site. You will need to register for the Premium Membership HERE or if you have an account with us you can simply go to the Premium Area and we will take you through how to become a Premium Member.

A little bit about our Premium Membership and the Premium Area you can access with this membership.
As a premium member you will travel around the site and have access to far more integrated data that will help you select your next PC or see which games you can or cant play.
The Premium Area is just $10 a year. Thats less than $1 a month. We also have a $1 daily access for those people who want a quick answer about something.
You can always cancel your premium service as soon as you have signed up and you will still get your allocated premium membership period as we check on every login to see how long you have left.

Here is a list of some of the things the Premium Area can provide answers to you about, bear in mind all this stuff is unique to Game-Debate, made for you by us.
  • How well does my huge resolution, multi-monitor set-up run games
  • What games rated above 7 out of 10 can my computer play right now and still play them on high settings
  • What games that were released in [you choose the year], of a certain genre type can my computer play
  • What parts of my computer are weakest when considering playing games
  • Build and save different computers and see how they compare
  • Check your computers lifespan and see which components need to be upgraded
That is just some of the answers you will find whenever you desire in the Premium Area. These tools are only found in our Premium Area. No other website in the world provides this information to the PC Gamer.

Why does it cost? The internet is free!
Believe me when I say to you, I really want to offer this for free and have the site paid for by adverts. The truth is the adverts don't pay shit and I want to continue developing these awesome tools for you and still pay the growing bills. I promise to treat Premium Members like gold as every one of you that signs up is noticed and appreciated for your support. The intention is to continue to add more and more awesome tools to the area and I am happy to take your suggestions and add them into the to-do pile if they rock or if they are popular requests.
Secrets - As you have read this far and taken an interest I am going to let you in on a secret that I have not told anyone before. I am a single person marketing, updating, and developing Game-Debate. All the ideas come from me and are coded into the site in my spare time. There are a few reasons why I have not shouted about this over the 4 years I have been building GD. But the main one is that when I have to deal with large companies, I am able to deal as an equal if they believe that GD is an established business and that there are many working on the site. I tell you this now so that you understand that every single sign up to the Premium Area makes a huge difference and frees up more of my time to focus on further building the site and tools.
Having been a PC gamer since the beginning I have had the pleasure of watching it flourish during the '90s and early '00s: money and skill being poured into the once geek-only industry as PC Gaming took off, hardware technology pushed forward by PC enthusiasts, gaming becoming globally accepted, out-striping Hollywood as a primary pass time.
And yet four years ago I was saddened (now bear with me here, I'm going to have to rant a bit).
Where the PC gaming market had forged the way into many houses it quickly became a second choice due to complicated hardware requirements and potentially huge PC build costs to guarantee game play. Newcomers to the growing gaming phenomena simply couldn't adopt PC gaming as their entry choice. I saw the PC game shelves in stores empty and become absorbed into the growing console sections. I am not opposed to consoles in any way, but I feel that the PC platform still has a significant place in the gaming market. PC Gamers are regularly treated as second class gaming citizens: release dates for consoles months ahead of the same game for PC or publishers/developers debating whether it is worth porting hugely popular games to the PC at all. We've seen this recently with Red Dead Redemption for example or Alan Wake (fact fans - Alan Wake was originally developed to show off the multi-threading of quad core PC technology, but due to extended development time it missed the window to any bragging rights and we were told by Microsoft that th game just isnt suitable for the PC market).
And so, four years ago, I took to my trusty PC, taught myself to build/host websites, learn how to apply advanced SEO techniques so you guys can find GD, with my goal of simplifying the PC game choosing experience. My aim is to standardise/simplify the experience we have with pc game system requirements for all games, making it as easy for you to choose a game as it is for a console gamer, so you know for sure that a game you get will run on your PC. Once you are happy with the level of comprehension found on Game-Debate it will only be a short while until the publishers and developers see that PC gamers are armed with this knowledge and understand what systems they need to play every type of game. From this I foresee the PC rising once again as gamers using Game-Debate make better use of their hardware. Becoming confident again in buying games in the knowledge that they can push those games to deliver the absolute best in performance that far outshines ageing console technology.
I have huge ideas still to come, and so, dear gaming buddies, I ask that you support me. Join the Game-Debate Premium Area and help me do this for us.

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