Compression or chroma subsampling can help to a point but most controllers for those panels only allow a native setup fo....
07:08 Jul-02-2020
probably adding more bugs to fix later
06:14 Jul-02-2020
Happy to help. ??smile
05:10 Jul-02-2020
The 1660 Super is the sweet spot for Nvidia entry lvl GPU's.
05:03 Jul-02-2020
The latest news/rumors I've heard, is that 3XXX series will be released in September or October.
04:59 Jul-02-2020
As for MMO's I preffer Aion to most others. You actually have to aim to hit something, so button mashing is out of the w....
04:45 Jul-02-2020
Can I run ?
03:10 Jul-02-2020
Guessing u still need tensor cores to enable dlss in control panel? But yeah the only thing holding this back is wide c....
02:39 Jul-02-2020
So DF observed 11% cost when u compare DLSS 1080p upscaled to 4K vs 1080p w/TAA. With the former almost as good as nativ....
02:21 Jul-02-2020
Can I run ?
01:42 Jul-02-2020
P.S.For all those that are considering a GPU upgrade so you can play Cyberpunk 2077, I'd advise you to hold off till....
01:24 Jul-02-2020
DISCLAIMERI am giving my estimates based on years of gaming, currently available information and watching hardware ....
01:20 Jul-02-2020
That's sadly always the case.
01:17 Jul-02-2020
At low settings you might have a shoot 1080p. But I'm hesitant to say if you'll get 60FPS, 40 - 45 is my best guess.
01:15 Jul-02-2020
Can I run ?
01:14 Jul-02-2020
I wonder if you could get 4K120 via a more compressed signal. The reds suffer especially, but you might get a better fra....
01:12 Jul-02-2020
It doesn't matter what rig you have. There are plenty of games that you can hit over 60fps - and those extra frames are ....
01:09 Jul-02-2020
Tweaked high settings is more likely. If you're really aiming for ultra you might have to lower your FPS expectations.
01:06 Jul-02-2020
Yea, I hate that waiting to know if I will run it ok or not, so frustrating haha.
01:04 Jul-02-2020
99.999% sure you'll be fine (that is with RT off mind you).
01:04 Jul-02-2020
Should be possible. You might even be able to tweak some settings to medium. (no promises)
01:02 Jul-02-2020
1440p on ultra might be an issue. You might have to tweak your settings to high to get stable FPS.
01:01 Jul-02-2020
45FPS would be my estimate, but I'd love to be proven wrong. Pls share with us your FPS and gameplay experience when y....
00:59 Jul-02-2020
Considering your entire rig, I'm guesstimate is 30FPS on tweaked medium settings at 1080p.
00:57 Jul-02-2020
Is your GPU using the reference cooling solution?
00:55 Jul-02-2020
Should be possible, but be prepared to tweak some settings to get stable 60FPS.
00:52 Jul-02-2020
60FPS on high shouldn't be a problem, but you might have to tweak some ultra settings to get stable 60FPS.
00:50 Jul-02-2020
After watching GN's review of the card link here, there is a chance you c....
00:48 Jul-02-2020
DLSS aside, I hope it runs well coz this is same engine as HZD
00:44 Jul-02-2020
Isn't it wonderful how much they love praising UE5 to high heaven, but don't want to supply any hard numbers.
00:40 Jul-02-2020
Ya saw the DF vid on Control DLSS. Only skimmed it briefly though and havent watched the whole thing yet.And ya its ....
00:40 Jul-02-2020
they did a really good optimization if you are confused to get it when you see how good they port it that makes you buy ....
00:33 Jul-02-2020
My guess would be stable 45FPS on medium at 1080p, but if you're dead set on 60 you'll probably have to tweak some setti....
00:30 Jul-02-2020
Youll easily get 60 plus fps on ultra settings easily .. max it out and enjoy
00:26 Jul-02-2020
ive seen people on youtube get 60 fps at high settings with the same setup..
00:24 Jul-02-2020
I don't think you'll have much trouble at playing this game at 1440p at all, If it is better optimized than odyssey im p....
00:22 Jul-02-2020
hmm The 8GB of RAM might cause issues, so you might have to lower some settings to medium.
00:18 Jul-02-2020
Yeah the main reason for upgrade is playing Cyberpunk 2077 atm, but i also want to get something that gives me atleast 2....
00:16 Jul-02-2020
If your laptop doesn't thermal throttle you should be fine.
00:16 Jul-02-2020
A R7 3700X will be great in games that are CPU bound (like Total War), but in scenarios where games are GPU bound, I'm u....
00:15 Jul-02-2020
1080p would be preferable, but I can also settle down for 720p. Still, would Full HD work?
00:06 Jul-02-2020
Well they don't have any in my country, only offices.
23:56 Jul-01-2020
"This extra time until release will allow us to get Crysis Remastered up to the PC- and console-breaking standard you’....
23:53 Jul-01-2020
Not all people have your PC Rig my friend. Leave me to play with 60fps.
23:47 Jul-01-2020
In other words we downgraded the game so it will be able to run at 4K 60FPS on all of our Nvidia RTX gpus.
23:45 Jul-01-2020
If you play at 1080p, then i guess ultra 50+ fps should be no problem
23:30 Jul-01-2020
Same, im ok with 1080p high settings 30+ fps avg as long as it does not dip below 30
23:29 Jul-01-2020
From what I've seen, the 1660 ti looses in the value proposition when compared to a 1660 super. Also there's some talk a....
23:23 Jul-01-2020
I don't call it trash, I've always liked more of the same if it's equally as good(or obviously better). That's why I lik....
23:12 Jul-01-2020
? would define this game as HD remaster of textures rather than making the objects more real..Rocks, palms still look li....
22:53 Jul-01-2020
I don't think you'll be able to run the game at 60FPS on high at 1440p. 1080p might be possible with 60FPS on high set....
22:44 Jul-01-2020
At what resolution?
22:41 Jul-01-2020
Or as they say, buy product, not brand. Though I do think it will be about time to upgrade with next gen. Maybe even bum....
22:36 Jul-01-2020
Yeah, I am petty sure they will announce it soon, like I am sure they are ready for it. Could be that they will wait for....
22:34 Jul-01-2020
There are algorithms for repeating geometry that basically reduce the computation and bandwidth required logarithmically....
22:05 Jul-01-2020
I'm particularly hoping that Nvidia will release DLSS as part of the driver options, so that we can "force" DLSS on any ....
22:02 Jul-01-2020
Not impossible, considering it would be running at 1080p and using a couple of milliseconds on top to run the DLSS upsca....
21:45 Jul-01-2020
Considering the image quality to performance trade off, AMD really needs to come up with something similar or else RTX 3....
21:43 Jul-01-2020
Is the TV a true 120Hz? I've seen marketing go as high as "1000Hz" on TVs, but they're all still just 60Hz panels with v....
21:41 Jul-01-2020
Have a look at Digital Foundry's video on DLSS 2.0 in Control - it shows the comparisons between the old DLSS and the ne....
21:39 Jul-01-2020
I've only really played Quake II RTX so there's that. I know what to look for, as a 3D artist, but things like GI aren't....
21:33 Jul-01-2020
I can run odyssey and origins pretty much perfectly at 50-60 fps on high settings , im hoping ubisoft optimizes this one....
21:18 Jul-01-2020
Your cpu seems to be the bottleneck here , but even then ultra with 30-50 fps should be possible with hairworks turned o....
21:16 Jul-01-2020
well my laptop i5-520M, gtx 330m, 4gb ram ddr3 i think it ran crysis 2 (i dont remember if i tested it or not), but i re....
20:55 Jul-01-2020
Well, you're definitely right about that , im looking to upgrade the whole system before cyberpunk comes out wink eye....
20:53 Jul-01-2020
Initial google search seems to point to it being really really good! Upscales 1080p to 4k well. If it can do this with m....
20:51 Jul-01-2020
They probably saw the comments on GD and re-thought their release ??ok
20:43 Jul-01-2020
For me its harder to tell if its a still image.Seems more obvious ''in game'' with most RTX capable games i've played
20:36 Jul-01-2020
Game a lot on 120tv. Now, I dont have a rig that can really push fps that much and I game with a controller.. so for me ....
20:31 Jul-01-2020
Well then, I guess the people have spoken! The devs had to delay it and it must have been real leaks after all xD
20:31 Jul-01-2020
I have no brand loyalty either. Just look at how many brands make up my PC! xD
20:21 Jul-01-2020
Is it GI raytracing? I'm not seeing any obvious reflective surfaces that would not be possible with screen-space effects....
20:16 Jul-01-2020
Am I the only one who hasn't been amused by "60fps" in a long time? Nothing wrong with it for most people, but when you ....
20:09 Jul-01-2020
That one is the biggest slap in the face, considering how recently it opened!
20:07 Jul-01-2020
Even then the OG runs on my PC at the same fps half the time at 5K (5120x2880) as it does at 1080p (and it can be as low....
20:06 Jul-01-2020
So the crappy video + unamusing screenshots were real??? LMAO, well then no wonder they want to delay... Problem is - ....
20:04 Jul-01-2020
It probably wasnt an actual leak at all..devs would have planned it all along
18:46 Jul-01-2020
I wasn't surprised at all, it was exactly what i expected. I just hoped for better optimization. There is an obvious rea....
18:30 Jul-01-2020
I really don't care about raytracing maybe in 10 years from now.
18:11 Jul-01-2020
Yeah looks like it, a lot of people moaned saying it didn't look much better/its the same etc
17:51 Jul-01-2020
delayed because of poor graphics that leaked yesterday?
17:40 Jul-01-2020
Sounds like making this game has been a real.......... ......... ......... ...crucible.
17:29 Jul-01-2020
What could they possibly fix in a few weeks?
17:12 Jul-01-2020
According to wikipedia it has been released on October 4, 2011 for consoles.
16:55 Jul-01-2020
Druckmann's literal self inserted character spat on Joels body, yeah he sure cares about tlous characters lmao
16:55 Jul-01-2020
I was surprised that it ran decently on my i3-330m, 4gb of ram and intel hd graphics. Although you could argue the 2-3 y....
16:54 Jul-01-2020
yeah I agree , i upgraded recently to a ryzen 7 3700x cpu, do u think I will get significant improvements?
16:49 Jul-01-2020
well thats normal, but i meant like actuall peformance like textures being unable to load making the game stutter and si....
16:46 Jul-01-2020
Actually, as far as I can remember, Battlefield 4 was the first game that really needed a SSD. A friend of mine runs it ....
16:30 Jul-01-2020
Aiming for 1080p mid/high gfx settings at 60fps with drops in more dense locations. Visually will look really close to l....
15:50 Jul-01-2020
Kill me, but I'm going to play C2077 on my current PC and will enjoy it no doubt
15:48 Jul-01-2020
There must be other thing then like needing fast CPU or needing fast SSD or needing lots of VRAM. I don't believe that i....
15:45 Jul-01-2020
Yeah it looks weird I will sort it out. Thanks for the headsup!!! ??thumbup
15:27 Jul-01-2020
These all look really bad. Most likely fake too. If not - the "remaster" is lazier than what modders are doing with the ....
15:14 Jul-01-2020
dont trust and buy this chinese , probably a scam
15:14 Jul-01-2020