AMD Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 to NVidia GT 710
01:37 Apr-12-2021
Do you think I have choice other than playing old titles ?
01:34 Apr-12-2021
I need to add the fact that My PC was connected to TV and I don't know if it was TV which caused my GPU to burn through ....
01:25 Apr-12-2021
funfact : the plug was actually on UPS (Home UPS)
01:20 Apr-12-2021
Dude! I know old James Bond Games, they were 'meh' . I guess, IOI can make it something worth it.
01:18 Apr-12-2021
These are the 3D cards I've had in my primary PCs: Rendition V2200 GeForce2 MX400 GeForce4 Ti 4200 GeForce 6600 GT ....
00:58 Apr-12-2021
Deus Ex is a top choice for me as well Chad. Have you tried the GMDX mod? I recommend replaying it with that. https://yo....
00:04 Apr-12-2021
Can I run ?
23:48 Apr-11-2021
DMC3 cutscenes are legendary. I would watch a movie in that style of overdone badassery and goofy fun.
23:22 Apr-11-2021
Can I run ?
22:54 Apr-11-2021
And as a list of purchased cards: 1. Gigabyte 9400 GT 1 GB 2. Gigabyte GT 440 1 GB 3. EVGA Superclocked GTX 750 ti 2....
22:50 Apr-11-2021
First Dedicated GPU: Geforce 9400GT (I was so happy with it, until I realized it was a low-end card. Witcher II Assassin....
22:46 Apr-11-2021
I will say system shock (if you can bear the werid controls and getting lost) system shock 2 gameplay wise it improved b....
21:56 Apr-11-2021
Dante's Inferno Hexyz Force Monster Hunter Yugioh Tag Force Rainbow Six 3 Collin McRae RacingI know it's a long....
21:22 Apr-11-2021
Legend of Zelda XIII System Shock 2 Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil 1-4 Tons of Star Wars games Spellforce Gothic ....
21:21 Apr-11-2021
I upgrade my rig, can i run 4k ultra at 60 fps on this? Ryzen 5 3600 ROG Strix Rx 6700 xt OC 12GB
21:21 Apr-11-2021
Prince of Persia trilogy. God of War games pre-reboot. Castlevania Devil May Cry 1-4 Warcraft 3 Company of Heroes....
21:14 Apr-11-2021
since everyone is posting all of their gpus why not. 1st- MSI Radeon 9250 128mb 2nd- Inno3D GeForce FX 5200 128mb 2nd....
20:59 Apr-11-2021
I never gave up so quickly on getting all the boxes than in this game. A tad too hard for me :(
20:12 Apr-11-2021
How is the always online DRM not a con? There's no reason whatsoever for it to exist.
19:53 Apr-11-2021
ATI Rage Pro 8MP. Got got it in 1997.
19:33 Apr-11-2021
Definetly worth playing the old style, fixed camera, Resident Evil games and the truly old Devil May Cry games (1-2-3). ....
19:31 Apr-11-2021
Old games were made differently, the were made to last, now they bake them every year or two and they become empty, and ....
19:27 Apr-11-2021
Starcraft, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Heroes of Might and Magic, Prince of Persia, The Witcher
19:26 Apr-11-2021
Wow, we got a lot of PC veterans out here.1st- Zotac GTX 750 1gb 2nd - EVGA Superclocked Gtx 960 4gb. 3rd - XFS X....
19:04 Apr-11-2021
Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Bioshock 1,2, Half-Life 2 and episodes, Max Payne 1,2, F.E.A.R, Dead Space 1,2. Those a....
18:51 Apr-11-2021
I don't know how popular it was but, Sid Meier Pirates. That's my childhood right there
18:45 Apr-11-2021
Final Fantasy 7, 8 & 9, Bioshock 1 & 2 (Not the remasters), Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD. And while it's not clunky or ....
18:43 Apr-11-2021
Legit my favorite NFS game out there. I'm mad there isn't a good way to play it officially on PC.
18:36 Apr-11-2021
i am glad you could got rid of virgin gtx 1050m ti (i have one and i am stuck with it because of shortage). That card wa....
18:35 Apr-11-2021
NFS Undergound 2 a timeless masterpiece, i won't get bored of it no matter how many times i play it and by far the bes....
18:34 Apr-11-2021
This game is making me pull my hair
18:22 Apr-11-2021
1st-Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128mb 2nd-Nvidia GeForce 610m 1gb (laptop) 3rd-Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050m TI (laptop) 4th-Nv....
18:19 Apr-11-2021
But I am rooting for Grinding Gear Games, they did good. And hopefully, they won't end up as Titanfall 2 versus Battlefi....
18:16 Apr-11-2021
Looks nice, I do hope they will deliver another good game that will keep fans busy for years to come. Though I do hope t....
18:14 Apr-11-2021
And I think Larian did the right thing. No lies, no sugarcoating it, game is unfinished, you can play it, eventually you....
18:10 Apr-11-2021
It can be very BS from time too time and 100% is just not worth doing considering there are 456 gems total not mentionin....
18:09 Apr-11-2021
I personally did give into curiosity and tried it and it was very broken, but you could see there were foundations for g....
18:07 Apr-11-2021
My favourite PC games from 20+ years ago are Deus Ex, System Shock 2 and Diablo II. If only go back 10 years then there'....
18:06 Apr-11-2021
Worth playing: Definitely Worth paying: Sometimes Some old games are waaaaaay too expensive consideri....
18:04 Apr-11-2021
... and old Disney games, like Aladdin and The Lion King. Lost Vikings is another one I play for nostalgia. Though I don....
18:03 Apr-11-2021
I sometimes still return to those old games, a lot of them are still enjoyable. Though some are rough enough for me to j....
18:00 Apr-11-2021
well beside replaying Warcraft3 every few months i like some times to go back and replay old games like Shrek 2, Disneys....
17:45 Apr-11-2021
Here is my graphics cards from oldest to newest: 1. Nvidia GeForce 256 64mb 2. Nvidia Quadro4 900 XGL 128mb 3. ATI Ra....
17:40 Apr-11-2021
currently playing it and what a game ! very difficult if you want all the boxes and the 100% but this is what crash is a....
17:28 Apr-11-2021
hd 7750 in built myself when i knew nothing and just bought the first thing i came across :)
17:20 Apr-11-2021
GTA san andreas(if it wouldnt be crashing and cars glitching), Fallout 3/new vegas, Mass effect 2, RE5 is great with a f....
17:12 Apr-11-2021
My top 3 games I basically play at least once a year each: - Rayman Revolution / 2 - Knights and Merchants - Rayman 3
17:02 Apr-11-2021
ATI Radeon 9200, I got into pc gaming quite late.
16:52 Apr-11-2021
I remember it quite well. Especially for a windows 98 user. It was the Nvidia Geforce MX400 with 64MB of Video Ram. Even....
15:50 Apr-11-2021
GT 130, which eventually fried. Then a GT 610.
14:15 Apr-11-2021
Videologic Apocalypse 5D think it was 4MB but don't quote me on that
14:14 Apr-11-2021
I had a voodoo 5 when I my voodoo 4 moved into my girlfriend's computer.
14:05 Apr-11-2021
If it has the same gameplay as poe or d3...I don't think it'll work for me personally. So I'll just have to wait and see....
13:51 Apr-11-2021
s3 virge, got it from my brother who upgraded to ATI All-in-wonder which he used for video editing at work, also great f....
12:33 Apr-11-2021
ATI Radeon HD 3200, 256MB DDR2 ??thumb, AMD Athlon X2 QL-65 & 4GB DDR2 ??thumb I had so much fun with Warrock, Combat A....
12:20 Apr-11-2021
I was dumb enough to think that with D2R looking so good and with D4 coming out that I probably won't bother with POE2. ....
12:13 Apr-11-2021
Radeon 9600 128mb. And yes, it was crap when i bought it.
12:10 Apr-11-2021
s3 trio 1MB :( and soon later voodoo1 4mb
10:59 Apr-11-2021
Bought a voodoo3 with a self built celeron rig. It was an upgrade for my Amiga 1200 which had gfx chips built in. Ahh si....
09:34 Apr-11-2021
Riva TNT 2 Ultra followed by a Voodoo 5 5500. I loved the Voodoo 5, it ran Unreal Tournament amazingly well.
09:26 Apr-11-2021
First one I remember was the Radeon 4850 1GB
09:10 Apr-11-2021
The xx90 cards don't provide good enough value for the money imo, but next time I MUST get a xx80 or xx80 Ti The initia....
09:01 Apr-11-2021
I remember that a classmate had a 256 color svga gpu which could be installed in my 386 pc. The 386 i inherited from my....
07:02 Apr-11-2021
I don't remember for sure, but I think it was something like an ATi Rage 128. I didn't build that PC myself, though. I t....
06:39 Apr-11-2021
I love that you can see the progression of your career success as the list goes on! 4090 next! ??heart
06:16 Apr-11-2021
GTX 8800 from back in 06-07...Can't recall before that.I've been having pre-built PC's since 1996 and i have manage to a....
05:18 Apr-11-2021
My first GPU was the ATI Radeon X1550 256MB, my mom bought a prebuilt PC in 2007 I think, that's how it started, and the....
04:47 Apr-11-2021
Don't know how much time or money you have, but mineral oil could be a way to make your PCs last longer perhaps? Here's....
03:19 Apr-11-2021
Actually I remember that back in the day, ppl would actually submerse their rigs in mineral oil "for cooling". The pra....
03:03 Apr-11-2021
Thank you for sharing all of that. Btw is there any way you could put your PC in a cabinet that had filters for the moi....
03:00 Apr-11-2021
That's why you always buy a UPS. No longer need to worry about lightning.
02:56 Apr-11-2021
voodoo 1 was my first 3d one and diamond stealth 32 was my first 2d card.
02:53 Apr-11-2021
I actually had that very same GPU not too long ago (like 5 years ago).
02:53 Apr-11-2021
Dayum, you've been there in the very beginning ??cool
02:52 Apr-11-2021
I take it it's a very dear memory...
02:51 Apr-11-2021
I still use my RX460 that I bought in 2017. I wanted to upgrade, but given the situation the pandemic put us in, and the....
02:49 Apr-11-2021
If my memories are correct, i had an ATI Rage - 32 mb - boy oh boy i was playing alot of Heroes 3 back in the day.
02:28 Apr-11-2021
The first graphics card I ever purchased for myself was the venerable HD 4870. I remember being super impressed with the....
02:26 Apr-11-2021
The first discrete graphics card I have ever had was an ancient GeForce 6600 GT. My father bought it for me because our ....
02:26 Apr-11-2021
A Radeon 9500 Pro, 128 MB of memory and support for the brand new and revolutionary (back then) DirectX 9. Almost 20 yea....
01:19 Apr-11-2021
I know I am old school lol ??heart
01:16 Apr-11-2021
My Father bought us a Pre-Built PC back in 2007 with a 512mb GPU (don't remember model but it was AMD GPU) specially for....
00:41 Apr-11-2021
Can I run ?
00:10 Apr-11-2021
One of those Voodoo cards, definitely a Voodoo I generation GPU.
00:10 Apr-11-2021
I enjoyed the demo. This was handled very poorly with square enix focusing on the online consistent component instead of....
00:02 Apr-11-2021