Yeah, an overhaul to the whole shop would be appreciate.
19:21 Sep-22-2019
Tales of the borderlands but there were also some funny broken ass games i played like all the bugs in andromeda made me....
18:33 Sep-22-2019
cool if this is true.. been wanting to play some story dlc but can never by principle pay the price for them or the expa....
18:25 Sep-22-2019
Telltale games like Tales from the Borderlands and Monkey Island are pretty funny.
18:23 Sep-22-2019
I haven't seen anybody mention The Stanley Parable.
18:02 Sep-22-2019
Shadow Warrior 2 was pretty funny. Also, the Witcher and Mass Effect series had some scences which had me bawling with l....
17:45 Sep-22-2019
If the movie was called just Salvation(not Terminator name attacked to it) and was marketed as an action movie then yes,....
17:27 Sep-22-2019
Ah the next Epic exclusive. Unreal game and all.
17:22 Sep-22-2019
How did no one mention Deadpool? I had to take breaks from laughing so hard
17:14 Sep-22-2019
Borderlands 2 had some really funny moments.
16:44 Sep-22-2019
Honestly AF should be enabled and set to maximum quality by default in all future games. Fps impact is hardly noticeable....
16:44 Sep-22-2019
Oh no it's using Unreal engine, that means it's going to be an epic store exclusive
15:36 Sep-22-2019
It is impossible for me to remember my all-time funniest game but last month I played West of Loathing and it is funny A....
15:33 Sep-22-2019
I'd have to go with The Stanley Parable. I laughed nonstop. Also, honorable mention to the Portal series
15:26 Sep-22-2019
Deadly Premonition or Yakuza 0 strange/goofy japanese games get me good
14:58 Sep-22-2019
well this one came out of nowhere..graphics and story looks good
14:46 Sep-22-2019
Portal 2, the voice acting alone makes it much better than anything else I've ever played.
14:44 Sep-22-2019
The first odd thing is that you're marked for termination. Maybe you're a high priority target, but aren't all humans ma....
14:29 Sep-22-2019
I might have to go with South Park The Stick of Truth. Honorable mentions include West of Loathing, WarioWare, Conker’....
14:23 Sep-22-2019
" south park the stick of truth " and " trover saves the universe " both games are awesome and will keep you laughing fr....
14:14 Sep-22-2019
unlikely microtransactions are the new cool monitization scam and if you can get 60$ up front and promise a ROADMAP for ....
13:37 Sep-22-2019
Can I run ?
12:59 Sep-22-2019
I don't see why you think those sites aren't legitimate? When physical stores buy physical games in bulk, they get a mas....
12:57 Sep-22-2019
Like Steam's not enough now Rockstar too, go ahead companies make hundreds of launchers, maybe that'll fix your problems....
12:26 Sep-22-2019
Can I run ? or 30fps maybe?
12:20 Sep-22-2019
@psychoman Not necessarily, a site can still be responsible if it clearly allows illegal things to happen, same as i can....
11:55 Sep-22-2019
Amm, from what I see it's based on the action movies, not the original trilogy, thriller, survival, runaway movies.
11:54 Sep-22-2019
@TheEmperor96 Except that this ruling says nothing about used games. it's talks about game keys in general.Maybe ....
11:51 Sep-22-2019
This will cost game companies alot of money which could lead them to move to a paid subscription model like world of war....
11:40 Sep-22-2019
Seconded. I was being mislead into buying an NVME when i was beginning to buy my system back in 2017 but I had a bunch o....
11:34 Sep-22-2019
I have it all on Steam anyways. It would just be really interesting if they did something like that.
11:24 Sep-22-2019
Always off you can see better in corners because they are not dark. well its gaming i want to see everything
11:22 Sep-22-2019
I have completely lost track of the story after the 3rd movie... I tried it hard but I could not comprehend whats going ....
09:54 Sep-22-2019
It probably was around -50gb yesterday but after that patch(15gb I think) it sits now at 67.1gb lol.
09:39 Sep-22-2019
Cartridge-Physical copy re-sale, is limited to local area. This opens up the possibility as internationally, which kills....
09:38 Sep-22-2019
Not bad, I haven't tried it though since it's still in beta. Hoping it stays lightweight like current version.
08:59 Sep-22-2019
Why does the game look like a 2004 cardboard game even on ultra? Is it just because of the beta? I've tried the 32v32 an....
08:53 Sep-22-2019
they could at least advertise gaming/tech related stuff...
08:42 Sep-22-2019
this is how it looks without adblocker ... https://i.imgur.com/3TIJMQ0.jpg
08:41 Sep-22-2019
Are you using any ad blockers? I assumed it was the sign of it doing its job.
08:38 Sep-22-2019
Why is there a huge black space between the Discussion Area and the article?
07:09 Sep-22-2019
Haven't logged onto Steam for a month so I honestly don't care.
07:05 Sep-22-2019
Tried out the beta. Turns out I can run it just fine on Medium quality with a few settings on low. 50+ FPS except for Gr....
04:58 Sep-22-2019
Some South American countries do have support for their own currencies Mine doesn’t, and although the prices are low....
00:35 Sep-22-2019
can you check if your Arkham Knight folder is around 55GB's now? Cause my steam version with all the DLC's is 55GB but i....
23:26 Sep-21-2019
My system can barely run this game, so I seriously doubt it.
22:45 Sep-21-2019
Just got a massive update today and it apparently installed a lot of dlc so I think now Arkham Knight is GOTY too now.
22:37 Sep-21-2019
It will at some point. Same goes for other shadow and reflection settings. Its made fun of and taken out of context, but....
21:41 Sep-21-2019
Nah it's gonna take years since something can surpass it. Atleast in a playable sense.
21:38 Sep-21-2019
its great, but still much more things to be added sure.also, anyones shelves disappearing after turning pc off and b....
21:37 Sep-21-2019
I don't know how people get hyped up because a "celebrity" is in a game ad. He clearly got paid for it. I don't think he....
21:32 Sep-21-2019
Since ray tracing is slowly coming, is ambient occlusion something of the past?
21:22 Sep-21-2019
You can already hide games that aren't installed. Next to "Filtered List" there's two buttons and the play one is to onl....
21:06 Sep-21-2019
There is still a lot of room for improvent but overall Library looks beter than ever and no major complaints on it eithe....
21:03 Sep-21-2019
What if a game is no longer being sold and become a colectors item. In these cases games cost more than original cost. A....
20:51 Sep-21-2019
Yeah, I was really confused at first and I already had collections for test servers, demos and betas. I just placed all ....
19:43 Sep-21-2019
But you'll not be buying second hand digital games for free. You'll probably be able to sell only games bought on the pl....
19:25 Sep-21-2019
Except that it's not G2A that is selling anything, it's random people that are selling keys on G2A.
19:24 Sep-21-2019
No. This has nothing in common to do with the situation. G2A is not selling used games but keys people have acquired in....
19:20 Sep-21-2019
Except that G2A is TECHNICALLY Not illegal... It's an open market... no different than an open market for fruits and veg....
18:56 Sep-21-2019
Not being charged with something, doesn't mean it isn't technically illegal. Selling stolen keys is not really something....
18:51 Sep-21-2019
yeah it brought back all the betas,demos,trials and free games and other stuff like software 3dmark i used previously fo....
18:29 Sep-21-2019
Nah, I liked the previous, much simpler look way better. I aint down with this "modernized" look.
17:35 Sep-21-2019
There's a huge difference between having to go on Ebay or something (list a game, find a buyer and shipping the game out....
17:33 Sep-21-2019
I need to get used to it, but it's not bad and doesn't seem that resource intensive at the moment. It's just a bit slow ....
17:16 Sep-21-2019
It's great, but I hope the rest (shop/community hub/forums etc) follows rather soon. Cause right now the library kinda f....
17:11 Sep-21-2019
I smell desperation... I replayed the Arkham games too much.
16:59 Sep-21-2019
It looks good enough, but I'll wait until the version is fully released before trying it.
16:44 Sep-21-2019
Let's just hope Windows 10 doesn't physically eject your GPU from the PCIe slot ;)
16:35 Sep-21-2019
i would add to this to never buy a monitor that doesnt have an internal power brick. Only monitor thats ever died on me ....
15:49 Sep-21-2019
Sure. Just update your GPU drivers
15:27 Sep-21-2019
Eh in any way I get 100+ frames so it doesn't really matter.The only problem this game has graphically is the intens....
15:25 Sep-21-2019
Valve could make that you can resell your games only on Steam market so this way consumers can sell games they already h....
14:58 Sep-21-2019
Sorry but idk where you, but in my country when I buy a new physical game, I buy it online and it comes here the next da....
14:53 Sep-21-2019
See I just realized that instead of saying never buy brands always buy products, I wrote never buy products always buy p....
14:40 Sep-21-2019
Maybe not falling apart but they have suffered a decline in the last few years compared to how much fartnite makes or le....
14:07 Sep-21-2019
even if they give you the option what are you gonna get for all your games 50 cents maybe? 50 bucks? probably not even 2....
14:04 Sep-21-2019
I don't understand all the talk about the industry crashing if you could sell your digital games. It survived before dig....
13:31 Sep-21-2019
Playing the Beta on 1080p Ultra settings, Mimimum frames were 60, Average is 80 and maximum Frames ive seen were 105 Fps....
13:13 Sep-21-2019
If this actually happens, there will be no more big singleplayer titles like The Witcher 3 ever again.. Just think about....
13:12 Sep-21-2019
G2A isn't illegal anywhere. What they're doing is entirely legal. Why they're called a gray market is because they don't....
13:07 Sep-21-2019
wear levelling was about 1%, so almost as new, remaining warranty is almst 4 years (of 5), large amount of writing mos....
13:04 Sep-21-2019
but you dont use USD do you? so the pricing is probably appropriate to what the avg income is in SA
12:52 Sep-21-2019
Can I run ?
12:35 Sep-21-2019
I live in South America and epic prices are quite low for me The premium edition of Metro Exodus was 25 USD for preorde....
12:24 Sep-21-2019
control is 60€ not sure in what la la land you live where its 30 perhaps russia but no way its below 60 in most countr....
11:49 Sep-21-2019




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