Was time... A challenge for my Valve Index vs a Valve Game XD
08:41 Nov-22-2019
The environment looks the part but sadly to me the character models look more cartoony like dishonored or bioshock than ....
08:25 Nov-22-2019
Notice how i was sarcastic.And why does a name of a game matter? It still is Assassins Creed just set before the off....
05:28 Nov-22-2019
Yeah what if Rockstar actually cared about what they made? lmao
05:27 Nov-22-2019
I dont hate vr, i hate that they will release a vr exclusive title :/
05:18 Nov-22-2019
Halo MCC is my GOTY since it comes out Dec 3rd for PC. I hope this comment ages well.
03:27 Nov-22-2019
Finally i new game for VR. my Rift S has been unplugged for awhile now. Lol
01:52 Nov-22-2019
Looks polished compared to some other VR games I've played. o.O
01:50 Nov-22-2019
It seems very VR centered, I don't see how they could make it into a conventional game without compromising on a lot of ....
01:09 Nov-22-2019
I don't understand what you're on about. There's nothing untrue about what he said. He simnply said it looks polished, w....
00:16 Nov-22-2019
...in terms of thermals to go to the XT, right?
00:12 Nov-22-2019
Let's see how this stacks up to the 580. You can get those pretty cheap now so it has to be reasonably powerful and pric....
00:11 Nov-22-2019
I think epic store caused this. If is this game leads to the impossible version of Half-life 3 epic store will be come t....
23:51 Nov-21-2019
Well damn.. I hope it can be played non-VR at some point.. Is that Rhys Darby's voice i hear?
23:00 Nov-21-2019
Exactly! The super power made vehicles and lots of guns useless.
22:45 Nov-21-2019
We get it you hate VR. You don't need to go to every comment to let everyone know.
22:39 Nov-21-2019
And they keep sticking with those AC elements that they have become annoying distractions from the new games' gameplay a....
22:37 Nov-21-2019
He didn't say Ubisoft should stop making games. He stated they should stop labelling the new games as AC, cuz let's be h....
22:28 Nov-21-2019
i would love that but i also doubt that we will get that as we wont have hiddenblade at all probably
22:17 Nov-21-2019
and you can import save from gat from hell to sr5 and i would get automatic game over as i choose to rule hell and Gats ....
22:11 Nov-21-2019
Pls no more of this cloud gaming BS, hope people dont buy this crap so it can die quickly in less than a year just like ....
21:57 Nov-21-2019
Yep, we have to wait and see if it is polished as in this trailer.
21:54 Nov-21-2019
At least it looks from the trailer, kinda mad that this is a vr exclusive title considering we all have been waiting for....
21:53 Nov-21-2019
I'm not pissed. I'm just noticing that (in my opinion) it's not quite right to state "it's polished game/product" when i....
21:53 Nov-21-2019
Yeah, you just have to get vr gear to play this game -.-
21:52 Nov-21-2019
Man you dont need to be that pissed about this comment ???????? but i get what you mean.
21:50 Nov-21-2019
Jesus.....another hyped fanboy.... We only saw one trailer, and you're saying this is polished? I'm amazed how easily pp....
21:44 Nov-21-2019
Yes but you can see it consuming about as much as a vega56 on the same system.
21:40 Nov-21-2019
That's where I saw them used first. Boneworks looks really interesting as does this.
21:30 Nov-21-2019
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell actually had like five endings which could do some stuff that would make Saints Row 5 a cont....
21:25 Nov-21-2019
Is it a reboot? I mean with the story of SR4, how do you continue that. LOL!
21:16 Nov-21-2019
The actual system requirements listed on the Steam page now are: No word on recommended yet...OS: Windows 10 CPU: ....
21:12 Nov-21-2019
it looks amazingly polished, finally a full AAA game that is truly meant for VR. I might have some upgrading to do!
21:07 Nov-21-2019
What if they make GTA like an RPG? Sounds awesome to me... Also GTA RPG is a hugely popular mod soooooooooooo......
21:05 Nov-21-2019
Yeah they are and unfortunately not available in Australia! DERP I might have to try and get some sent from the USA or....
20:57 Nov-21-2019
"Amazon preparing to shoot themselves in the foot in 2020". There, I fixed that for you. :)
20:48 Nov-21-2019
also it can't pull more than its power limit, so if it has 200W power limit then it will draw 200W on the boost clocks
20:34 Nov-21-2019
the 2nd picture is total system consumptions, so the card alone does not pull more than 200-220W
20:30 Nov-21-2019
Those Valve Index controllers seem to be miles above any current ones. I don't know if they work with other headsets or ....
19:57 Nov-21-2019
and it's GREEN so ecoterorists can be happy ??lol
19:52 Nov-21-2019
Which is why cloud gaming will far more compete with consoles, than with PC. Since it really caters to the type who does....
19:28 Nov-21-2019
It looks so good! Everything looks polished as heck.
19:28 Nov-21-2019
Still, I doubt they will replace local gaming anytime soon. They will all cater to more casual audiences, who want to ga....
19:26 Nov-21-2019
Just remember that Geforce still free and has the best hardware to host games ;), although you still need to pay for gam....
19:24 Nov-21-2019
Seems like everyone who has 5min of free time wants to release cloud gaming platform... I do feel like there will be qui....
19:24 Nov-21-2019
First Half-Life released in 1998 was there long before Steam, which released in 2003. First one was to sell us the idea ....
19:21 Nov-21-2019
Let's just have every company join the failwagon at this point. The sooner each of these companies fail at this, the mor....
19:18 Nov-21-2019
i wonder if its the same like 5700 where you flash the bios and you have 5700 xt
18:56 Nov-21-2019
If I win I will build a rig for my brother with the new GPU
18:44 Nov-21-2019
If I win I upgrade my whole system first. Loooooong awaited upgrade need his starting point. :)
18:42 Nov-21-2019
another debacle on the horizon ??lol ??lol ??lol fyi, here's an illustrative chart for average network latency in USA,....
18:32 Nov-21-2019
I mean AC is my favorite franchise too and I played every game.Odyssey shows where the bloodline came from, you we....
18:24 Nov-21-2019
I hope we go back to saints row 2 or 3's style vs. 4. I enjoyed all games, but the superpowers in 4 made it pointless to....
18:15 Nov-21-2019
https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/asus-geforce-gtx-1080-strix-oc-11-gbps-review,8.html Keep in mind the "OC" is par....
17:54 Nov-21-2019
I still enjoy the AC games alot as I am a big fan of historical settings in general. They do a better job than any other....
17:47 Nov-21-2019
Better in what way? How they did a complete 180 on what made AC well about Assassins and their Creed but hey let's just ....
17:45 Nov-21-2019
like google stadia wasn't big enough failure, xbox and sony is enough imo
17:34 Nov-21-2019
Aside from the netcode of the platform, the issue here is about connection, and as long as the connection are more or l....
17:22 Nov-21-2019
First Half Life was there to sell Steam, second to sell Source Engine. It's only fitting the next one is going to sell s....
16:19 Nov-21-2019
Digital ownership ceases in 2020.Bit too edgy? I know. But I had to have some fun. ??wink
16:17 Nov-21-2019
It has begun. The end is nigh. The end of all is upon us. Choose your overlord before it's too late and they choose you,....
16:16 Nov-21-2019
Maybe SR 5 ends being a space odissey, something like mass effect or star citizen... That could be nice. ??smile
16:01 Nov-21-2019
I played Saints row 2, 3, and 4 over and over again. Didnt like Gat out of hell. I luv the games, but I missed mechanics....
16:01 Nov-21-2019
I, for one, can't wait! I liked Origins and Odyssey, the former for the world and the latter for the characters. Blac....
15:37 Nov-21-2019
exactlly that randomless is why i like saints row 3 and 4. i was looking for a games like prototype 1 and 2 so i found ....
15:25 Nov-21-2019
i hope that it will be like saints row 3 or 4 as i really love theyr complete randomless, making tone of references of o....
15:21 Nov-21-2019
why dont they just use some of the assassins from seals/statues from ac2 they did use Amunet/Aya and Darius, but there m....
15:17 Nov-21-2019
i dont find any of the ac games boring i like them all even that sidescroller trilogy but i preffer something like ac3, ....
15:07 Nov-21-2019
GTA is worse than saints row 1, 2 and even 3 and has been since San Andreas, whereas the 3 and Vice City(along with the ....
15:01 Nov-21-2019
Got a handful of frames extra with the driver hotfix, which is nice. It also feels smoother. It just smoothens the exist....
14:55 Nov-21-2019
That's cool and all but the game should just be called Ragnarok,since this has nothing with Assassins or the brotherhood....
14:38 Nov-21-2019
Saints Row just wouldn't be Saints Row without its craziness and humor. It's a lot more flexible than GTA which is more ....
14:27 Nov-21-2019
should I upgrade cpu to ryzen 1600/2600?
14:21 Nov-21-2019
Not that i don't like SR3 and afterward but Psych has a point. Things are a bit too crazy now. I mean friggin Aliens? He....
14:13 Nov-21-2019
You are you talking about? Saints Row 3 and 4 were great! ??grinwithbigeyesI think you are just way too critical.
13:53 Nov-21-2019
I used to really like saint row games, then came the third and if it's anything like the last 3, it's going to be bland,....
13:45 Nov-21-2019
*more important things(and yet again I omit an entire word. Typical. -_- )But yeah I refuse.
13:37 Nov-21-2019
Awesome news! ??grinwithbigeyes ??thumbup
13:36 Nov-21-2019
do they? https://www.techpowerup.com/review/asus-gtx-1080-strix/22.html it doesn't go above 200W running around 2000 mh....
13:19 Nov-21-2019
I can't wait for Saints Row 5 and the Saints Row 2 remaster they're finally able to work on. I love the franchise and it....
13:17 Nov-21-2019
Maybe I'm a bit mad, but I played the hell out of SR3 & 4, twas great wacky fun, that's what SR is, and it doesn't try t....
13:03 Nov-21-2019
AMD can't really put out those GPUs as TSMC is still facing a 7nm shortage. It's their record breaking, most sold proces....
12:53 Nov-21-2019
finally some worthy HP hackintosh ??lol
12:00 Nov-21-2019