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Random Crash

Hello. I have a big problem here which has been making me so tired for some time. You see ... I went to the Singularity Basement (the dungeon at 1000 levels) and I try to make the first 10 levels but each time I try to meet the challenge of the dungeon my game crashes (completely freeze without ever be able to respond and doing anything.) and as soon as I try to click on the game screen the game closes under my nose. It's quite annoying because I was at my 7th level (sometimes the game crashes in the 3rd level, and in the 4th). Is there a simple way to remove this crash? I tried to reinstall it it did not remove the tiring crash ... This happens randomly when I travel to other areas ... It would help me a lot if a solution existed. (I don't want to do all these complicated things, however, to the point of formatting my laptop PC ...)

Asked by Redthefox

at 02:54 on Monday 18th May 2020

Status: Answer pending

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