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FPS Issues

Before I would get over 200 FPS, but recently the FPS would drop to around 20-30 and that is happening throughout the game and it becomes unplayable choppy sometimes lags as well. I don't know what is the issue here. Even if I play on highest settings or lowest doesn't matter I still get FPS drops.

My Specs are:
AMD FX 8300 3.30 GHz 
GTX 950 2 GB 
8 GB Ram

Asked by ninjabro2

at 18:27 on Tuesday 9th October 2018



Usually a clean driver installation can help out. Try completely wiping with DDU and giving it another go. Worse case scenario a nice fresh windows installation. I tend to wipe twice a year anyways just to clean up.

I don't use any programs that need HWID/Windows recognition though so. If that's the case for you I'd suggest otherwise. Cheers.

Answered by Sc0tty at 06:13 on Friday 12th October 2018

Hmm I did try DDU and reinstalling again but it didn't change anything. Nah I don't use either. I have searched a bit on internet about this, some people say they started having FPS drops due to Windows 10 updates and some say due to patches from LoL, so I have been thinking should I downgrade from Win 10 to Win 7. I mean I didn't have any problems while playing on Win 7. - ninjabro2 at 06:13 on 12th Oct '18



Try these:

Control panel->System->Focus assist and turn it off and anything that is checked there

Control Panel->Gaming->In Game Bar disable everything and do the same in Game DVR disable everything





Answered by Jyfitsu at 19:49 on Saturday 13th October 2018

I have them both off already didn't do anything. - ninjabro2 at 19:49 on 13th Oct '18
Your only option is to re-install Windows 10 or go back Win 7 as you said above. It's hard to pin point what might be exact cause of FPS drops. The most common cause is CPU throttling - which lowers CPU performance if your temperatures get too high. You might want to check if your temperatures aren't too high when gaming with either HWmonitor or MSI afterburner. - Jyfitsu at 19:49 on 13th Oct '18