Euro Truck Simulator 2 Bug Fixes



Euro Truck Simulator 2 Frame Rate Drops

Guys am experiencing  some fps drops  when i play euro truck simulator  2 on certain  places  or a certain city  my fps drops   from 60  to 25-30 fps  and its not due to a full city of people the cities are  empty there is  5 to 10 people please help me i tried everything and my  laptop configuration covers it all the requirements of the game and i still get bad fps i don't get it

Asked by Akcent456

at 07:16 on Tuesday 30th October 2018



it's the game it self while you entering the city it try to build the environment, for me ther is nothing you can do unless if you got a SSD move the game to it .

Answered by MADSAD at 01:50 on Tuesday 6th November 2018