Cities: Skylines Bug Fixes



Why can't I run CS when I can run games like Planet Coaster?

I recently bought a new laptop, which specs are: i7-1065G7, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, 8GB RAM, (although recently I have created a larger pagefile for it). This laptop is capable of running Planet Coaster at low settings, so I assumed that when Game Debate told me I could run Cities: Skylines at medium settings, it was correct. It is not. The game does start and I am able to somewhat run it on the lowest settings, but inevitably after a few seconds of gameplay, the screen freezes, the sound continues, and it has to be forced closed via Task Manager without ever giving an error message. It's very frustrating to be told you can run a game smoothly only to not be able to play it at all.

Asked by Arcjwood

at 20:52 on Wednesday 19th August 2020



To my understanding City Skylines isn't very well optimized and it'll tank even a 550ti like no other, and reading on Reddit I noticed there was a post 

> Mac book getting tanked with iris graphics. Thermal throttling it appears

> 550ti getting tanked

I would suggest looking into using a Dedicated GPU to play the game or look for low res resources online like a mod and play that way.

Answered by GoingInDeep at 00:15 on Sunday 20th September 2020