Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Bug Fixes



Textures not shown and white characters

Everytime i start up black ops 3 the loading screen takes a long time to load and when i go in multiplayer the backgound is black and i cant see my character when i start up a game there are missing textures where i cant see my camos stones have no textures there just one color really weird graphics and everyone is white and i always stutter in the beginning of the game

does anyone know what the problem is?


here are my specs

Intel i7-870 2.93 quad core

ati radeon hd 5870 1gb gddr5 vram

6gb ddr3 ram

windows 10 pro 

made sure all cores are unparked



here is a mention you need to know

i played this game 2 and a half years ago

on intel core 2 duo core 3.30 ghz

8gb ddr2 ram

Geforce gt 740 2gb ddr5 vram

windows 10 pro

the game then had no issues running the game at 35 to 45 fps without stuttering or weird muddy missing texutres or white characters

Asked by amroutaw

at 21:59 on Wednesday 7th November 2018



Hi you can try your page file settings set whatever it is on the minimum and recommended page file is.

if that does not fix problem try purchasing a new graphics card that is more recent like a RX 560 etc.

Answered by SOLLERHOLLER at 00:44 on Monday 19th November 2018