Do we really need Crysis Remaster ?
Written by: tsalito - 18:28 Apr-18-2020

                     Nostalgia is a double edged sword. Nostalgia can break or make a franchise. Lets take Assassin's Creed for example. Assassin's Creed 2 is the most loved game in the series. Surely I am not gonna say that it's a bad game, but compared to other games in the series its quite inferior. Assassin's Creed origins is way better in my humble opinion, the world, the gameplay they simply are better and yes why not I kinda liked Bayek more than  Ezio in some aspects. However I cant forget standing in Awe when I first explored the streets of Venice, when I first saw Ezio wear the hood, when "Ezio's Family" Started playing for the first time. We don't necessarily just reminisce on the game it self, but maybe we just miss our past self. Maybe it was just the fact that we lived in simpler times, where we didn't have to worry about anything else but killing Rodrigo Borgia

Remasters are actually made based on that Nostalgia. Developers hope that the 30 year old you would want to play a game the 20 year old you and enjoyed. But will it be the same. The Game will pretty much be the same, just some better Visuals maybe some better Audio and less Glitches but that's it. You on the other, you have changed so much. You have played so many different games, had so many different new experiences. But most importantly the industry has changed. So no matter how good the new graphics are, you will still be playing a ten year old game, with  ten year old mechanics.

There are however some Remasters that are actually quite different than the original game. Resident Evil 2 for example is a completely different game, and that is partly because its a 20 year old game. Clearly a lot has changed in those 20 years so it had to be different. I actually like it because it had those nostalgia vibes with all the familiar faces and location, but at the same time it offered a completely different experience. And here comes Crysis. Crysis came some 13 years ago, but it was a game that was way ahead of its time. Crysis made gamers around the world wandering ''can my PC run Crysis'' and even today there lots of PCs out there that cant really run Crysis on Maxed out setting with 1080p and 60 FPS.

Here is my question, why take an already great looking game, a game that still can pass as Modern and Playable even with today's standards and Remaster it. Why not take a 20 year old game like RE2 and make it new. Or even better why not work on Crysis 4 or another NEW IP. Do we really Need a Crysis Remaster ?


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I'm not a fan of remakes at all to be honest. I'd prefer the developers craft new experiences with their time. With Crytek I think funding is their main issue. I'm not too sure of their current financials but I'd wager it's still the case. Maybe they're hoping this remaster generates some healthy profits (assuming the development costs in remaking the original Crysis isn't too high) so they can fund their next, brand new game? Maybe a Crysis 4 or, as you said, a new IP? Whatever the case maybe, I'll admit I am still curious when it comes to this particular remake. I mean…. it's Crysis! I really want to see (with Crytek putting all their might into it) if our systems can run Crysis ? ….. Sorry, I couldn't resist :P

Stay safe and have a good day!