FIFA 20: What to Expect
Written by: TameGamer - 09:31 Sep-30-2019

So another season of football rolls on, and the inevitable FIFA game is set to hit retailers. With annual titles like this, things can sometimes feel a little bit stale. Whilst there can be minor updates, as well as player squads updated and new kits added, it can feel like you’re not getting much more for your money when you purchase the new edition compared to last year’s one. However, this year feels different. So what is new, what is improved, and what is the initial verdict?


Transaction Reaction

Microtransactions have become big business in gaming, and can sometimes have devastating real-life consequences. How many reports have you seen on the news where a kid has spent thousands of pounds on in-game purchases on things like Fortnite. And in FIFA, they do have microtransactions too. They come in the form of player card packs on Ultimate Team, and you don’t know what players you’re going to get. This can be seen as a form of gambling, especially when players use real money to purchase them. The game is still rated as PEGI 3, but in Belgium, they have classified loot boxes as gambling, which means you can’t pay for packs with real money there, but everywhere else it’s still allowed.


However, despite that, FIFA has received glowing reports so far, with the guardian even looking past the loot boxes to say “The new additions to Fifa 20 elevate it above ‘standard annual update’ fare.” So what are the new additions? Well one of them is...


Volta Football

For as long as I can remember there have always been those clamoring for the return of FIFA Street, a series of games made by EA based around futsal and street football. And now, it’s back. Volta football is a new game mode for FIFA 20, where you can play in 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 or futsal rules matches, where the focus is on individual skill rather than tactical team play. There are 17 locations in the game mode, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Each provides its own unique experience. And if you want to see these locations, plus all the other stunning high-definition visuals in the game, then you’ll want the best screen to see them on. And for the best gaming experience, you’ll want the best tech. Pugscode finds all the best discount codes out there on everything tech, so you don’t have to.



The Battle of the Licenses

It seems that since the dawn of time itself, EA’s FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer have had a rivalry going. And it continues this year. Whilst Pro Evo has been in FIFA’s shadow for the past few years, they have still been battling away, and to their credit do consistently produce a title that can go toe-to-toe with EA Sports’s game. However, most fans are firmly entrenched in one camp or the other. You’re either a FIFA player (which is most people), or you’re a PES person. There isn’t much flip-flopping between. Now, PES could do battle with FIFA by promoting how good its graphics are, and how efficient their match engine is, but that’s developer talk, it isn’t that interesting to the casual player. But what players do like are authentic gaming experiences, and to believe they’re actually controlling their team. So what better way to destroy that magic by pinching exclusive licenses?


For the uninitiated, licenses are what the games need to put officially named leagues, competitions, clubs, and players. And in recent years there has been some to and froing between the two games over certain licenses. FIFA, in 2018, won back the Champions League license from PES, which was seen as the completion of their licensing haul, having had all the others in their locker already. Now, whilst Konami doesn’t have the licenses for some of the major leagues (they do hold ones for the Scottish Premiership and the Portuguese top-flight), they have managed to obtain the licenses for all Serie A clubs for PES 2020. However, they managed to bag quite a coup when they confirmed that they’d secured Juventus’s name, badge, and kit on an exclusive basis, meaning that FIFA has had to revert to calling Juve ‘Piemonte Calcio’ in their upcoming game. Whether it’ll affect sales who knows? And whilst the Juve players in-game will all line up for Calcio, it’ll surely annoy the Juventus fans who were excited to play as their club in the game. It’s probably revenge for all the times PES have had to refer to Chelsea as ‘London FC’ and Burnley as ‘Lancashire Claret’.

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