Metro: Exodus
  • Best Shooter
  • Best Stealth
  • Best Visuals
Metro: Exodus
Bigger, bolder, and easier on the eyes than ever before, Metro Exodus busts out of the confines of the titular underground system to deliver us the sorts of vast expanses we’ve never seen from this series before. 4A Games feel re-energised in Metro Exodus, delivering the most varied and enthralling outing yet.
Also nominated: Amid Evil, Ion Fury, Borderlands 3
Metro: Exodus
Metro Exodus excels in seamlessly flitting between an open-world survival sandbox and tense stealth in a dank tunnel network. Slow and deliberate, chaotic and intense, Metro Exodus is the master of flow. While running and gunning can probably get you through, stealth is rewarded due to tight ammo restrictions and the scavenger-like nature of this trek across post-apocalyptic Russia.
Metro: Exodus
While Metro Exodus doesn’t quite live up to the graphical powerhouse status of the original games, it is nevertheless one of the first showcases for ray-tracing and a damn fine looking game in its own right. 4A Games has used the country-trotting trip to offer up massive environments and great deal more visual variety than ever before. Metro Exodus isn’t a world you’d ever want to be in but by gosh it’s easy on the eyes.