Best Racing Game
Participating in adrenaline fueled competition on a race track is not always possible, especially when you think of the multi million dollar equipment required for Formula One. So the world of racing games is a much needed way for us to get into the cockpit of a souped up sports car or on the back of a motorbike. The Best Racing Award does not require a track race, but it definitely looks for games that bring the fast paced thrill of competitive racing to our driving-gloved gaming mitts. These nominees will give us a good reason to break out our steering wheels, flight sticks or joypads and offer the rush of a racing simulation brought to life.
While Need For Speed Heat doesn’t quite claw the racing franchise back to its once legendary status, it’s nevertheless a welcome upturn after Need for Speed and Need For Speed Payback put the franchise in a death spiral. NFS Heat is the best Need For Speed in years, adding in great modding systems, fun arcade-like driving, a gorgeous open-world, and tons of events for players to sink their teeth into.
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