Best Open World
Every year the benchmarks for gaming get pushed further and the big hitters in the industry are now at the stage where they have to create entire worlds for a player to roam around in at their own pace. The Best Open World Award nominees are those titles that set those benchmarks. Developers build breathing worlds for the gamer to skip merrily through, but it is only the best that allow the gamer to bounce along with a rocket launcher in hand and a complete world of possibilities resting on their trigger finger. Mastering this field means keeping the player entertained whenever they want, without railroading them into a story arch they cannot escape, while simultaneously providing them with entertaining, relevant options whenever they so wish. No easy feat, but the year’s nominees manage to walk that ground comfortably.
Some folks are tired of the zombie formula but Days Gone is nevertheless an impressive beast. Fusing Sons of Anarchy with The Walking Dead works out exactly as you’d expect, but it’s the post-apocalyptic Oregon which is the star of the show. Days Gone’s open-world encompasses a huge expanse of pines, valleys, and scorched earth, and exploring atop your trusty metal steed never gets old.
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