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Best Handheld Gaming Phone
Every year we get a wider selection of phones to choose from and every year we tell you what we think’s hot and what's not. From gaming capabilities to just plain awesome features, big screens to being able to drop your phone in a pond, we cover it all here at Games Debate, so we can give you the best selection of 2019.
iPhone 11
Typically excellent stuff from Apple, the iPhone 11 delivers a neatly enhanced package with a stronger battery life, improved audio and video, and an excellent camera when compared to its predecessor. It may look much the same, including an identical LCD display, but it makes the fixes in the areas which really needed it. As ever with an iPhone, you’ll know you’ll get top tier mobile gaming performance performance for a good few years to come.
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Google Pixel 4
Google’s Pixel 4 offers best-in-class camera support, no pesky notch, and of course the latest and greatest Android 10 software. Where Google once dealt with budget hardware, everything about the Pixel 4 screams premium. From a gaming perspective, as with all high-end phones these days, you really can’t go wrong with the Pixel 4, particularly with Google Stadia support right around the corner.
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