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So as we’re sure you can guess, this is often a bit of a two horse race between the two kings of the hill, AMD and Nvidia. Never before has this rivalry been more apparent than this year though, with the emergence of the Red Rebellion and the Radeon Revolution, challenging the well cemented bourgeois that is Nvidia with affordable high performing hardware, something not soon to be forgotten. So to break down this hell of a year, we’ve trawled through all the cards that this year gave us, and trust us there's been some crackers, so we can present to you which cards we thought really shone this year, whether back breaking performance or amazing bang for your buck, they’re all here.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super
Nvidia spotted that gamers were hunting for great options in this price range and so pushed forward on their 16 Series. This range has seen the 1660 get its Super release, that overcharges the FPS capability of an already good mid-level graphics option. The GTX 1660 Super gives gamers an obvious graphics solution option at a price point that a lot of us feel more comfortable swallowing.
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