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There can be only one! Which are the guys that you think get you the best rig? Whether through amazing customer support, bargain prices or just the innovation they can cram inside a metallic box, which team will give you the very best machine that you can your hands on? It’s up to you to make the call.
As with several other of our UK builders, Scan offers computer hardware and components, as well as array of fairly priced pre-build PC gaming systems and high-end 3XS designs for those who want the top spec.
Aria PC
Aria PC is a complete PC storefront which has been going for a heck of a long time now. 26 years, to be precise, so they known PC components and builds inside out. Aria PC has a fantastic range of builds for the budget conscious gamer and they’re always more than happy to talk you through any of your choices.
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Based in the south of England, Chillblast has steadily risen up the ranks to become one of the biggest names in custom PC builds. Quality control is the order of the day here, with every system run through stringent stress tests before going out the door to ensure your brand spanking new gaming PC is it tip top condition.