Hello and welcome to the Global Game Awards 2018

It’s been another great year for us gamers and tech enthusiasts. Here at the Global Game Awards 2018 you get the chance to make a difference, voting on your favourite gaming highlights of 2018. In the categories below we have stuffed in everything from games, hardware, console and even gaming influencers, so you can tell the world what made your gaming year in 2018. VOTE NOW and have your say in the 2018 gaming industry recognised Global Game Awards.
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Long gone are the days when games were just released. Left to gather dust on store shelves or disappear forever into obscurity. Developers are now keen to play the long game, providing satisfying gaming experiences that can last fans years rather than mere hours. These games are continually updated with new maps, modes and features, existing in a constant state of flux that can keep players hooked, week after week.
Best Post-Launch Support
As gaming continues to knock on the door of reality we are treated to a steady stream of titles that enable almost realistic gameplay across a variety of real world arenas. Up for this category we could find flight simulators facing off against racing simulators against tank simulators. Gaming allows us to explore passions and pursue very real hobbies and this award category represents the best real world simulations that gaming has to offer. Perfecting these simulations means painstaking research and a meticulous eye for detail by the developers as they rebuild our passions and hobbies for us.
Best Sim
Roll your D20s it’s time for the RPG game of the year award. It all sounds so simple but behind the doors these games represent some of the more complex mechanics and plots around, giving us some of the most expansive and varied gaming environments we’ve ever seen. Role-playing is all about immersion, and these games represent some of the deepest, most engrossing experiences available, often involving the player in some of the most grandiose tales of pure fantasy. The roleplaying game mechanic has been with us since the RPG Lord, Gary Gygax, first thought of pen & paper tabletop games with your buddies, and since then leveling up and character development has found its way into a huge proportion of video games.
Best RPG
It’s all about non-stop, sweat inducing, heart pumping, high-octane action in this Award Category. The sort of titles that demand a constant stream of coffee pumped straight into the veins, just to get you focused enough to keep up. The year’s greatest action games are those that left you itching to play “just a bit more” and going toe to toe with some of gaming’s greatest enemies in explosive action-packed battles. Often inspired by some of the classic action hero movies, we may find titles ranging from 3rd person beat-em-ups or possibly action-packed racers through to sci-fi space blasters. Many games fall under this category but only the most innovative, well-paced, and explosive titles are nominated for the Best Action Game Award.
Best Action
Throw away Dickens. Set alight your copy of Tolstoy. Wuthering Heights meet paper shredder. You have no need for these intellectual curios with gaming’s huge advances in storytelling and character development. These are the cream of the crop, the Booker prize for our new interactive age. All of the nominees give us a riveting yarn that had us hooked from the very first page screen, with stories that will live long in our memory. Intriguing plot devices, exceptional character dialogue, twists and turns that all come together to deliver a real contender for the Best Story Award.
Best Story