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Global Game Awards
It’s often the publishers that take the limelight during game launches, after all, they’re usually the driving force behind its marketing. But with the Best Developer Award we want to draw the attention back onto those who put the hours into making some truly special experiences for us - whether they be tiny, stunning indie offerings or vast, time-sucking online multiplayer games.
Best Developer
Shhhh, people are sleeping. For those of us that know the best way to solve a problem is not brute force, or understand everyone doesn’t have to stop breathing for us to succeed, or even those who just like pretending they’re a sneaky sneaky snake, there are, of course, stealth games. A favourite genre for many, stealth games require as much skill as foreplanning and are not for those who want a game to roll over and play dead. Whether through ingenious AI, awesome abilities or just the sheer amount of choice of options you have at your fingertips, these are our best stealth games of this year.
Best Stealth
Laptops come in all sizes, offering a dizzying amount of variety in performance and cost. This can sometimes leave the consumer lost. The nominees for the Best Laptop Award are those awesome gaming laptops that shine out across a sea of similar products. They will be laptops that push the gamer’s sweet spot by balancing cost and performance, flexibility and luxury, style and of course exceptional gaming experiences. They may have brilliant speakers or be bundled with lightning fast memory and a perfectly matched motherboard, possibly the top end mobile GPU for a mid-range price, but whatever these nominees have done to get our attention they represent the best in portable gaming, making it the exciting option it is today and for that we gamers salute them.
Best Laptop
The range of monitors nowadays is incomprehensibly big, with everyone and their grans making one. Here we are looking at what pushes the tech boundary in visual output, be it screen width, pixel definition, contrast, dots per inch, curved screens, wide screens, adaptable screens and so on. Gaming evolves rapidly and so do the monitors on which we view their gloriousness on. And as always, having a fantastic refresh rate is all well and good, but will my 64 inch 4k screen break my bank account? All is taken into account.
Best Monitor
Every year the benchmarks for gaming get pushed further and the big hitters in the industry are now at the stage where they have to create entire worlds for a player to roam around in at their own pace. The Best Open World Award nominees are those titles that set those benchmarks.

Best Open World