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Best Innovators

This award is looking at games and hardware in our industry that break the mold and do it with style. Not content to follow the reliable formula, sometimes something can really shine through because it tries something different.

It might not be perfect this time around, but this award heralds the attempts as much as the successes. Without innovation the industry would become boring fast.

Steam Controller
It’s still too early days yet to decide whether Valve’s Steam Controller is a consummate success, but even what little we’ve tried of it suggests Valve should be commended for creating an entirely new and wholly original method of playing games. The Steam Controller excels in certain genres and provides the missing link for comfy couch players hoping to play the stack of PC exclusives designed for mouse and keyboard.
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The Witcher III
The Witcher 3 might not to be the first thing you think of what you think of innovation. It excels in almost every area, but what does it actually bring to the table that’s new? Top tier side quests. In an age where games are loaded with filler content designed to pad out the length and provide bullet points on the back of the box, The Witcher 3 comes along and delivers the most engaging side quests of all time. CD Projekt RED took so much care over every little detail that much of the non-essential content is of a higher quality than the main storyline.