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Best Developer 2014

It’s often the publishers that take the lime-light during game launches, after all they’re usually the driving force behind its marketing. But with the Best Developer Award we want to draw the attention back onto those who put the hours into making some truly special experiences for us - whether they be tiny, stunning indie offerings or vast, time-sucking online multiplayer games.

Whatever else is going on in the world of gaming, you can always rely on the fact that out there somewhere Blizzard Entertainment is creating a whole bunch of games that millions of people will want to play. This year is no exception, and expansions for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 were accompanied by the hugely successful launch of Hearthstone and the beta release of Heroes of the Storm.
Telltale Games
Another fantastic year of growth from the seemingly unstoppable Telltale Games, with an extremely solid second series of The Walking Dead and a story arc in The Wolf Among Us that blew our heads off. Tales From the Borderlands and Game Of Thrones are also forming an attractively-shaped horizon, and we can’t wait to see where these series take us.
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FROM Software
It takes a lot to follow up a game as beloved as Dark Souls without becoming overhyped, but with Dark Souls II, FROM managed not only to create another stellar game, but also learn from their previous mistakes when porting to PC. What’s more, their upcoming project Bloodborne is about as exciting a successor as we could hope to have seen.
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