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Amicia and Hugo de Rune are hunted by the most evil they intend to avoid Reviewed by savvym on 12-Apr-20
Fully voiced linear story with cinematic that gives this game a soul
Reviewed by savvym on 12-Apr-20
Original, violent, mysterious story with great voices and atmosphere
Reviewed by savvym on 07-Apr-20
The Outer Worlds, Fighting Corporate structure with Words and Bullets.
Reviewed by chenzen on 17-Nov-19
Reviewed by Sarmad2332 on 17-Sep-19
Dishonored 2, why fix what isn't broken?
Reviewed by chenzen on 01-Sep-19
Sekiro Review
Reviewed by Sarmad2332 on 18-Jul-19
Reviewed by Sarmad2332 on 01-Apr-19
Reviewed by Sarmad2332 on 19-Mar-19
Within Whispers: The Fall
Reviewed by Gankutsuou on 21-Jan-19
Hack n Slash
Reviewed by randomgamerguy1999 on 04-Dec-18
Describing your best moment so far of 2018
Reviewed by bcanup on 02-Dec-18