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Over the past few days I played the much hyped game Greedfall. Like many others, it was described to me as Dragon Age meets Witcher. This is thus my review of the game itself.

To start off, the game is not worth the hype. It is very clearly over hyped and does not live up to the standards of Witcher or Dragon Age. Going in, I knew it was an exaggeration to compare this small time game with genre defining titles but boy was the anticipation misplaced.

Lets start with graphics. The game graphics are actually very solid and good. Visually, the game delivers about the same impact as Witcher 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition. And the game is very glaringly and obviously inspired by Dragon Age Inquisition and somewhat Witcher 3 as well. The scenery, the textures, the boss arenas and fight animations are more similar to Dragon Age then Witcher. The whole game takes place on an island, so there are numerous forests and flora, with bubbling creeks and mountains. The game's graphics were about the only thing that I enjoyed. The game is also very optimized, since I was able to run it quite smoothly on my current rig.

Now the gameplay. If I had to describe the whole game of Greedfall in a nutshell, I would say that Greedfall is basically some developers idea of converting the Landsmeet quest in Dragon Age Origins or Orlesian Throne quests in Dragon Age Inquisition into a full game. Almost the entire game is made up of fetch quests. You talk to an NPC, who directs you to go talk to another, then the 3rd NPC will gie you an answer, which you must take back to the first NPC, and along the way, you might face some generic enemy mobs. The leveling up system involves investing in 3 unique character archtypes, fighter, tactician or mage. The fighter is an over powered near immortal, the tactician an uninteresting archtype that will make you invest in fighter skills and a buggy mage who will have trouble with aim. The player cannot jump and can only sprint at a fixed speed. You do however have the ability to fast travel. The catch, you must have set up camp at the various location in the world (just like you do in Dragon Age Inquisition)

The combat is ridiculously easy, you can spam the attack button your way to the end boss on normal difficulty. There is really no need for a tactical pause in the entire game. Mostly because although this is a party based combat game, the NPC party members act on ther own, you (the player) have no control over the Companion AI. And contrary to Steam tagging this game as "Open World", Greedfall is not open world. It is the same as Dragon Age Origins, a massive sandbox that only opens up new location when an associated quest comes up.

The theme and settings of this game are so similar to Dragon Age that the game felt less like an original IP and more like a fan-made tribute to Dragon Age. You have faction in this game, one of the most major ones being the island natives that resemble the Dalish Elves that are called savages by all other factions, are "one with nature" and are violently opposed by all other factions. You have the religious Thelme and its fervent followers who seek to convert all to the Light ( same as Light of Andraste in Dragon Age ) and the Bridge Alliance (similar to Magisters) who use academics as a means to justify inhumane experimentation on all, claiming the test subjects should feel honored. These two factions are at war. Oh and there is a plague killing everyone that seems to originate from the island as a result of a curse (kinda like the Blight), Victims of the plague suffer tremendous pain and their skin goes pale, veins turns black, the eyes lose color till they become white / transparent.    

The game has barely any choice, the story is actually very linear with a very minor change in the final outcome. Doing side quests does not at all affect the ending. Choices are largely very irrelevant. You can be the meanest person on the island but you will always receive the same answers, the same kindness. And while the voice acting is decent, the sound sync of dialogues is very off for most of the game, with character lips moving against the sound often.

If you want to play the game, go ahead, just dont expect it to be anywhere near Witcher or Dragon Age. I was genuinely very disappointed in the game. And the more I played, the more upset I became.