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Truckers rejoice, SCS Software has blessed us with yet another American Truck DLC based on the Evergreen State of Washington.

I'm a huge fan of the ATS DLCs and probably in the minority contingent who prefer American Truck Simulator to Euro Truck Simulator 2, quite possibly because I've lived in both continents and find driving in North America more enjoyable, although the winding European roads can be more fun to drive on. When it comes down to the dirty business of long-haul trucking, the vastness of the United States just makes it more pleasant. And the Washington expansion is another addition to a fantastic simulator, adding an extra 3800 miles of roads to enjoy.

It's possible to make incredibly long journeys now, thanks to this DLC. I found a trip from Hobbs (NM) to Wenatchee (WA), stretching a grand total of 2064miles or 3300km. It's a great way to get back into a game that you may have put down for whatever reason, just kicking back and clocking up the miles.

They've done a fantastic job recreating Washington state, from Mount Rainier to Grand Coulee dam. Washington being a very forestry state, it is incredibly scenic. Add to hat the Forest Machinery DLC which also came out with it (separate purchase) and you've got a real winner on your hands. It's another great showing of what happens when a passionate development team is given time to build on a game. 

As always with SCS Software, when a new DLC comes out the game is also blessed with a massive update for both Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator. Although experimental, they have added DirectX 11 functionality to the game, which I've used in both game and haven't noticed any issues. A few more noteworthy updates include an option for detours, such as a random accident or road closure that takes you off track, along with voice-guided navigation. The team at SCS Software doesn't seem to be letting up on DLC and updates. It's a nice pace of change from games being abandoned shortly after launch, especially when SCS continuously add new roads that fans and residents of the area have found missing.

Of course, as with any DLC, the price may be an issue for some. Although the asking price is a bit cheaper than a Euro Truck expansion, it may still be hard for some to swallow unless they're ardent fans of the trucking series. But, pick up enough of these DLCs (some of the older ones are often on sale) and you can enjoy long rides from the top of Washington down to eastern New Mexico, makes for a nice, peaceful and enjoyable drive. Once the TruckersMP mod gets an update this will be even more enjoyable, offering up the opportunity to make long-distance deliveries with friends. 

Overall, as with all their DLC, SCS Software has done a fantastic job. From the level of detail on the road markings being different from state to state to the police cars having the correct state trooper name on the car instead of something generic. Throw in the free 2GB version 1.35 update and the addition of "experimental" DX11, along with many other features, and ATS is growing into a stronger game than ever before. For those thirsting to expand their US play area in American Truck Simulator, Washing is a must-buy.