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The eagerly and much anticipated game Devil May Cry 5 has finally arrived and boy is it great. Devil May Cry or DMC has always been an over the top beat em up brawler with fast paced action, plenty of puzzles and a decent enough story. In the game you control your character, a demon hunter, and face off against numerous opponents and bosses using swords and guns. The series is known for these features.

DMC 5 will not be known for this. The action is not fast, its slow, its deliberate. No longer can you button mash, even on an easy difficulty. The puzzles are none existent, and the story, well, in my opinion is the best one so far. The developers did give in to plenty fan-service, but did so in a way as to not seem forced or unneeded. The game employs a a non linear story progression, it starts off at a climax, with the latter missions slowly revealing what led to the present events. 

Graphically, its a huge leap. The game has tons of breath taking scenic views and opponents and it will take a good a GPU to run at 60 fps. But the game is still plenty optimized and solid all around.I personally did not encounter any bugs or issues in the game from start to end. The game is true to its predecessors in dividing the entire game in 20 missions. And although it may appear a short game, it is none the less satisfying. I would ideally give a gist of what it involves, but I cannot find a way to do so without spoiling the story. Thus I would rather you played the game and see for yourselves.

Gameplay-wise, it is miles ahead of any of its predecessors. The game has been brought aggressively and rightly to the modern day. In game you control 3 characters: Nero, Dante and V. Nero's gameplay is the best of all in my opinion. While the game as far as sword combos and guns go for Nero is still the same as DMC 4 with Nero having the ability to "charge" his sword to deal additional damage. But where in the last game you had his demon arm, now you have "Devil Breakers". These are mechanical arms made by Nico, a new character, that serve as prosthetic arm for Nero is place of his lost limb. Each Devil Breaker is capable of dealing damage differently e.g the first Devil Breaker "Overture" releases a short burst of electricity that can push back enemies, or if your target is knocked down electrify the ground. In addition, beating each new boss unlocks a couple of new Devil Breakers, each with a unique ability. Though all Devil Breakers share the ability to pull Nero towards fixed/heavy objects or pulling lighter enemies towards himself (just like the previous game). But here is the catch, you have a limited number of these "arms". If you are hit while the Devil Breaker is active, it will break and be lost. New ones can be found laying around on missions (provided you or some opponent didnt smash them already) If you run out, you lost the unique Devil Breaker ability, plus the the "pull" ability till you find a new one. Further, if you are trapped, or locked in a grip by an opponent, you can "overcharge" the Devi Breaker, sacrificing the arm in an ultimate blast to escape. So the vulnerability of abilities makes using the Devil Breakers a welcome challenge. And the variety of "arms" that can drastically alter the combat abilities of Nero make experimenting with different Devil Breakers so much fun.

The 2nd new character is called V. Just the letter V. V is a sickly man who walks with a cane. V himself cannot fight, instead, he can summon upto 3 demons to fight for him. Griffon is the talking bird demon who can fire lightning balls at targets, can be used to evade opponents, and can fires pillars to lighting or cast a dome of electricity to push back opponents. Shadow is the melee combatant. A panther like shape shifter who attacks using his own body moulded into various melee weapons and spikes. The third demon is named Nightmare. To summon Nightmare, V must be in Devil Trigger mode, in which his hair turns white. Nightmare, is a hulking large gelatinous cyclops with slow but very high damage output. When Nightmare is summoned, both Griffon and Shadow attack opponents independently. Like Nero, V also has a catch. None of the 3 demons can beat any opponent. Whenever the health of any opponent reaches 0, they glow in a greying haze. When this happens, V must come close and attack with his cane to kill the opponent. If not done quickly enough, the opponent regenerates all health. So when playing as V, you must keep your distance as the summoned demons fight, but the moment any opponent gets to the hazy form, you must move V in range to strike with his cane to finish the opponent off. Same rules apply to boss fights.

Finally you get to play as Dante, the one of the most edgy characters ever made. A character that shows surprising maturity in the game. Dante's game play is much the same in DMC 4 with little to no additional improvement, initially. Later on Dante also acquires an extremely OP ability called SIN DEVIL TRIGGER, in which he can lay wast to even bosses in a few hits. But to reach that state is hard. Dante's new abilities are interconnected with the best twist of the DMC franchise and thus will not be discussed in this review. Sorry. Beyond these changes, the gameplay is the same, with Dante using multiple melee weapons and guns and the ability to change "Styles" at any second mid game. The styles are the same: Trickster, Gunslinger, Sword master and Royal Guard each having upto 4 tiers with increasing powers.

Regardless of who you play as, the game has altered significantly. Combined with the changes in Nero and V, is the smarter and harsher opponent. One that will counter, mob you and fall back if you get too much of an advantage. And the boss fights, OMG, every boss fights requires you to be careful and not mash buttons willy-nilly. Hands down, that was what hooked me in

I would really recommend any and all gamers to try this brilliant sequel. The game is well deserving of all the praise it has received and is a perfect sequel in an iconic great franchise