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Editor's note: The game's scheduled release date is March 2019, so this a preview based on my experience with it during Reboot InfoGamer a Croatian game expo. I will endeavor to post updates as they become available.



So I got in touch with the developers of Withing Whipers recently. They are currently in talks with a publisher (whose name I am not allowed to disclose) regarding the release date, requirements and responsibilities (the usual hoops). Depending on the publishers requirements the game might be exclusive to a store, meaning the release on Epic and/or Discord might lag or not happen. That being said, the negotiations are very fluid so the above mentioned falls into the conjecture category. 

But (there's always a but, pun intended ;) if they end up publishing the game themselves Discord and Epic are valid options. That's it for now.

If you have any inquiries regarding the game or the developers write it in comment section, or msg me directly if you like the personal touch more.

Thank you for your time. :)



The game is heavily inspired by The Walking Dead franchise. From the point and click mechanics to the graphics, it is a compliment to the spirit and soul of games past. 

Now without further ado let's get cracking. The story takes place in WWI which I find refreshing since WWII has been used and abused beyond any reasonable measure. In this pitfall of pain and suffering you play the role of Aska, a young nurse who is troubled with the disappearance of her brother on the battlefield. What makes her situation rather unique, is her gift that allows her to speak with the ghosts of dead soldiers. Suffice to say she has some difficulties adjusting to the experience, explaining why she is busy is often quite problematic as you can imagine. 

The game has a sixth sense if you will, as the the dilemma of whom to save and what to do is present with a pinch of uncertainty and doubt, and all the while you're receiving messages from the dead telling you news you don't want to hear. The choices you're forced to make don't give you much pause, as the consequences of you decisions shatter your heart into a thousand little pieces.

All this is happening in the backdrop of a raging war that you don't experience firsthand. You are left to pick up the broken pieces of peoples lives and their bodies, saving whom you can in the process and giving solace to those you can't. 

Nostalgia aside, my experience with the game has been extremely positive. The only downside at the time, was that the game was in beta, so there is/was some polishing left to do (shadows are textures the obvious bit as the image bellow will illustrate).

With all that said I'm not going to score the game since it isn't released yet, and I wouldn't want my constrained time with it to be my final judgement (even though I love the game already).  I'll keep an eye on it during these final months of development and post updates as they become available. 

One more thing before we part ways. I have had the pleasure to talk with, one of the game developer of Within Wispers which I was generously allowed to record. If a significant number of you say you're interested I will write a transcript of our conversation.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I thank you for your time.