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It's time for that early Christmas present from SCS Software. The fantastic developers who created the cult classic, Euro Truck Simulator 2, have now made the European map even bigger. Italia, the beautiful and scenic country we all know and love from such movies as The Italian Job, to the brilliant Life is Beautiful and Cinema Paradiso. The guys at SCS have re-created the scenic roadways of Italy perfectly. Not only that, the game has gotten a huge update with 2 new Scania trucks, the new R and S-Series, and boy do they look absolutely detailed.

Part of Northern Italy and Milano (the part included in the base game) have gotten a rework and a bit of a remap in preparation of the new DLC, and as someone who has driven from Nice to Milan, I recreated the drive in the game and what can I say, it's absolutely spot on.

With the addition of the Italy DLC you can have some absolutely insane trucking distances. I believe I found one from Catania to Uppsala, a total distance of around 3200km, or 2000mi for those of us using the Queen's English. As fun as that sounds playing casually and relaxing in single player, imagine doing that with a friend using the online multiplayer mod. A friend of mine and I were testing out the new DLC tonight and had an absolute blast driving from Lyon all the way down to Palermo picking up deliveries on the way.

Driving into Northern Italy will look the same for those of us with the base game, but once you start driving down towards Bologna, Roma and into Sicily you can tell how industrial central Italy really is, and it's fantastic that it's picked up in-game. Anything from the giant high rise buildings, all the way down to the automatic gates to get into the company yard. The guys and gals at SCS Software really do an incredible job on the Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator DLCs, they really are painstakingly accurate in their attention to detail. Just witnessing the change of vegetation between NorthItaly'salys mountainous region, to the flat and palm trees of Southern Italy and Sicily is a sight to behold.

The narrowness and size of the small Italian towns are so well represented that too tight a turn will potentially smash your trailer into a building, it's incredibly accurate. For those who thought that driving an 18-wheeler was easy, think again - driving through winding Italian streets is something else. Proof, if proof were needed, that Roman Roads are a total myth.

This will again get a 9/10 for me, with the price possibly being the only reason some people may hold off on purchasing it. But again, it is totally worth it if you play the game as much as I do. It's always fascinating to see how SCS slowly expands these vast road networks into new territories. I just now find myself wishing SCS would extend the Scandinavian DLC further up into the Scandinavian countries closer to the Arctic Circle. I would absolutely love to see some snowy or even icy roads, then we can go full-blown Ice Road Truckers. One can always wish. But I digress, back to ETS - Italia. Enjoy the long journey, and watch out for the Polizia in their Lamborghini. Happy trucking, enjoy beautiful Italia.