Immortal Redneck
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Immortal Redneck. The name's got all the makings of a terrible Hollywood movie, but you'll be in for quite a shock when you boot up this Egyptian FPS. Developed by Crema Games based out of Madrid, Immortal Redneck is their promising debut, a frenetic rogue-like shooter with twitchy, arcade gameplay and procedural pyramid raiding.

First things first, Immortal Redneck is an absolute looker. Not only is it beautiful but it is incredibly well optimized, running fully maxed out on my R9 390 without issues, even in this early form. Also thank you for the ultrawide support right out of the gate Crema Games! A rare treat from a smaller title.

We've only got access to the the preview version right, and I've yet to even come close to beating the single pyramid in the preview. There are three pyramids planned with nine classes to play as, each with different traits, although just one was available in preview.

Immortal Redneck is pretty much a single player first-person shooter with some of the most enjoyable weapons I have ever laid my virtual hands on. Anywhere from your standard pistol to an retro-looking Egyptian-themed rocket launcher, a shotgun, dynamite, and a token potato launcher.

Outside of the pyramids before heading in as an amusingly literal skill tree. Gold coins earned during each run through of a pyramid can be used to purchase different skills, better defense, strong attacks and so on, powering you up for your next run. In this sense it's a little like Rogue Legacy, in that it borrows Rogue elements but provides progression.

Within the pyramids scrolls can also be found that will help you along your run. Each scroll picked up in-game changes your current run, for good (convert your enemies in to chickens) or for bad (reduces your speed of movement), and everything in between!

It's clear it's going to take quite a long time to achieve the entire skill tree, let alone just beat an entire pyramid. There's pseudo-permadeath, meaning you must start over on your procedural run through each pyramid after your death, but you retain skills. This should make it a bit more interesting for our FPS brethren who are used to point and shoot without worrying about health. The health potion and ammo are few and far between making it even more interesting, while weapon switching is MANDATORY. I switched weapons far more often in Immortal Redneck than I do Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six Siege combined, necessity specific weapons for certain tricky scenarios.


On the surface I wasn't expecting much from this early look at Immortal Redneck, but boy was I in for a surprise. It is far more difficult then I ever imagined nor did I think it would look this good. Provided it's all indoors, but the brief bouts outside the pyramids are beautiful. From the skill tree to the merchant shop the game is just tons of fun. Sure, a bit weird and hard to get a grasp on where to go, but the map is an absolute God-tier tool for navigating.

I have about 90 minutes into it and I must say I haven't even reached a single boss yet or even come remotely close to finishing a single pyramid, I may be a tenth of the way in, and since its permadeath you have to start all over again. Fortunately the gameplay hooks are strong enough to keep me wanting to come back for more, it's a total blast. The next big hope is it can maintain this quality for the full game, which hits PC on April 24th.