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Outside view of the newest map, Vertigo

Once it began as a modification that was built for the popular source engine based title by Valve named, Half Life. The original Counter-Strike has kept receiving updates over years and years, and became known as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and until the newest update which is, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive carries many components from it's sequel which is, Counter Strike: Source. Even though it carries many similar components, it does contain many new features and receives more and more updates frequently unlike Counter-Strike: Source, as today,

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, perhaps we can refer more precisely as CS: GO was released in 2012, August 21st. There were handful of keys given out to players who've pre-ordered the game to access the beta until the released, which is quiet neat compared to many other modern shooter games that are currently on market which doesn't provide any beta experience to players.

Global Offensive is a multiplayer only game, which makes the game very unique and complete from many other recent shooter titles. Since it's a multiplayer only game, developer team only has to concentrate on better multiplayer multiplayer. Spending their whole time on a complete singleplayer and multiplayer just on multiplayer section makes the multiplayer experience much more neat and well done.

If you've experienced any Counter-Strike titles before, planting or defusing the bomb scenario and hostage rescuing scenario are memorable. Well, in CS: GO continues to deliver you previous classic modes without any pieces missing, but with newer maps such maps going along with newer modes provided to the player.

As in previous titles, there are two teams that facing each other in CS: GO; Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Counter-Terrorists are so called protagonists, and Terrorist are antagonists. Both teams has different or similar objectives depending on the game type.

Either you're a terrorist, or a counter-terrorist, you've to choose a soldier. Each team has different characters. Characters are pre-made and appears with different clothing, and colours which can be used as an advantage against your enemy to disguise them as you're a part of map, but it all depends on the map.

Planting or defusing the bomb might sound quiet easy, but unfortunately it's not. Planting or defusing mode is served in Global Offensive as two different versions. If you're inexperienced Counter-Strike player, casual competitive mode might fit you well. Casual competitive mode basically removes the friendly-fire feature, and being able to purchase armor which are automatically provided you for free to survive from the enemy team. Despite the fact that you receive free armor, enemy does too which lets you fire extra few extra bullets in to your enemy in order to neutralize them and same theory applies to the enemy. If you're prepared for a defiance, Casual competitive mode suits your needs, perfectly. Unlike the casual competitive mode, classic competitive mode allows all the restricted features and items in the casual competitive mode such as purchasable armor, and friendly-fire feature creating the atmosphere around you more critical. You've to be more careful with shooting at the enemy, since you might shoot at one of your allies instead. Unfortunately, both of the competitive modes doesn't provide ability to re-spawn until start of a new round. To replace this need, two new modes has been featured with the game; Deathmatch and Arms Race. Deathmatch is a mode that is featured in many modern and ancient shooter titles. Deathmatch is a mode that in my opinion can be used as a training ground before you head over to the competitive area of CS: GO. In Deathmatch, player gets to choose a primary weapon of they're choice that is available in the game including a secondary, but all the items such as grenades, incendiary grenades, Molotov cocktail, Zeus X27, decoy grenades, smoke grenades, flash grenades, defusal kits. Players objective is to neutralize as many enemies as possible; features such as friendly fire is disabled in this mode. If you're in to a more challenging deathmatch experience, Arms Race is meant for you. In Arms Race, as you kill enemy players, your weapon becomes worse and worse until the worst, which is the golden knife. Cannot forget about Demolition. Demolition is basically a mixture between competitive and Arms Race modes.

In case you're pretty to the shooter games, you can try playing with AI bots. Bots are available in different versions starting from harmless to expert. As a down side of bots, bots can see through you through walls even though you're hiding without making any noise because bots are coded to find enemy and kill them. I still believe playing against bots is a great way to improve your accuracy, know your recoil, and what to spend your reward money on. If you're not ready to face bots, you can practise on the GO facility. Yeah, CS: GO arrives with a new training mode for the first time in Counter Strike's history; it's named as the GO Facility. Inside the GO facility, you'll have a traning on how to plant bombs, defuse bombs, increase your accuracy, how guns works, usage of flashbangs, and much more.

At the beginning of a match in a competitive mode or casual, player gets to purchase weapons that they wishes to use on the current round, and on future rounds unless you won't die. You'll always receives a free weapon, either you're a terrorist or a counter-terrorist. We can refer to this free pistol as a way of surviving the round, in case you're lacking in money. Free offered pistols are Glock, which features two different shooting modes; burst fire and semi-automatic, if you're in the Terrorists team and a P2000 if you're in the Counter-Terrorist team.

CS: GO is a team-based game. Which means, you'll have to help your teammates to survive. If they're out of money and you've enough money to buy two weapons, you can donate weapons to them. You've to protect them while planting/defusing the bomb or rescuing hostages because your teammate can't do many things at the same time unless he is the last person remaining. While, playing CS: GO, chances of running in to new players that are new to the game are huge, sometimes they kills your teammates since they're new to the game. Where we're getting in to is the radar. Radar is an important piece of the game. Radar displays locations of your friendlies as well as enemy when they're firing their weapon. If the weapon is silenced, they won't appear on the radar.

Unlike many recent shooters, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn't feature any boosts, kill streak rewards such as UAV, or neither a weapon restriction for player depending upon there rank. Weapon restriction is valid only if the server restricts the weapon. CS: GO turns the player in to a real battle ground with removing the ability of refilling your health. As you lose your health, there is no way to get it back. This was featured in previous Counter Strike titles as in CS: GO, which makes the CS: GO unique from any other shooter titles. Something that I've recognized was some weapons that Counter-Terrorists have are well-made with iron while the sequel weapons of those that Terrorists own are made with wood. Except the fact that both teams have different weapons, you can pickup weapons that enemy drops, which means if you're on the Counter Terrorist side and you kills a Terrorist with an AK47, you can pickup that AK47 and use it on upcoming rounds. CS: GO features a kill/helping the team/being on the team reward money. Reward money are money which can be used to purchase weapons, items, or armor for yourself and for your teammates. Each gun provides you with different amounts of reward money.

Weapons and items that are available and usable in the game are well balanced. It has received a new patch recently going along with recoil updates by professional players to make the game fair and friendly. For Example: AK47 does higher damage to your enemy than a M4 Carbine, but it does suffer from high recoil making only the first two bullets accurate, while M4 Carbine is not as powerful as AK47 but provides a very decent damage amount going along with a easily controllable recoil. AWP is a very expensive weapon and fires very accurately with highest amount of damage form the weapons in the whole game, but it only provides players with a very low amount of reward money as $100 while many other weapons provides player with $300.

As a new addition to the traditional Counter-Strike franchise, Global Offensive provides players new variety of weapons such as MP7, PP-19 Bizon, Tec-9, Sawed Off, Nova. Few of the newer weapons has replaced older weapons from previous titles such as Scout with SSG 08. Each of the newer added gun contain different varieties of fire power, firing speed, going along with different ammo amounts that they can hold.

In previous CS titles, when someone including your teammates drops a gun, you can only see it visually. CS: GO now provides you a text tag that includes the name of the weapon that has been dropped when you're near it. Picking up weapons is useful in CS: GO since if you ran out of ammo, there is no way to refill your ammo quicker other than to pickup a weapon from a dead person.

Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary grenades which contributes fire to a Counter-Strike title for the fire time. Fire can used as a way of preventing the enemy from planting the bomb or preventing the enemy from defusing a planted bomb in a competitive or demolition match. As Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary grenades are new to the Counter-Strike franchise, we can refer decoy grenade as a brother of fire which allows players to imitate the sound of their primary or secondary gun.

Sound or audio in the game is a very valuable, but also a crucial way that can be used as a way of overcoming your enemy. As you hear your enemy walking in to the room, you're hiding behind the door while aiming to shoot at them might not always be the wise choice to make. You've to start moving as the player hear their footsteps and eliminate them. As mentioned above, Decoy grenades can be used to imitate the place that the player is in allowing the him or her to have more faith in getting out of enemy sight. Playing CS: GO without any headset or speakers is basically placing yourself in a dangerous situation. Hearing an AWP sound in-middle of the game while you're the last person left on your team can be a very frighting situation, you might even start to shake.

Communicating through the game is really useful. In CS: GO communicating can be done via either text chat or voice chat. Both ways works effectively, as so far. In game modes such as classic competitive, dead players can communicate to players that are alive providing them information about where the enemy is.

Playing the game with a mouse and a keyboard allows the player to aim much better, and control the recoil much easier. Unlike console version of the game, PC version of the game does not provide the player with an aim-assist feature allowing the player a challenging gameplay experience.

Source engine beginning to become quiet old now, but remakes of classic maps from previous Counter Strike titles on this modified engine looks absolutely mind blowing with new details added. Classic maps in CS: GO comes in two different versions named SE and non-SE. If you're disturbed with fog on the map, that's the time to change to a SE map.

The game runs quite impressive on Intel HD 4000 system. Intel HD 4000 was able to achieve about 20FPS on maximum values that the game can be set to, excluding VSync at 1366x768 resolution. Game should be playable most of the low-end systems at a very playable frame rate without having any graphical issues.

If you're not interested in browsing through the whole browser list, which has over 1000 servers until the player find a server that fits him or her, CS: GO features a new matchmaking system for the first time. Classic Competitive mode is only offered through the matchmaking menu. CS: GO matchmaking menu has all the game modes that were introduced by Valve, which means all the custom made modes won't be there. Custom modes are made by players for example zombie modes, jailbreak mods, etc, .. To access custom made modes, player still have to use the server browser, unfortunately. Matchmaking is also available as party matchmaking which allows you to find and join games with your friends on your Steam friend list, but again unfortunately you and your friends are in different area of the world, and you are the party leader; matchmaking system will only find a server that fits you, leader of the party and not your friend on the party, which I think is very disappointing about the matchmaking system. Apparently, Chances of running in to a server filled with bots while using the matchmaking system is pretty high. When, you're searching for a classic competitive game via the matchmaking menu, the search can be long as 10 minutes depending on where you're accessing the game in the world.

Rank system in CS: GO is a new addition. It's based on Elo rating system allowing players to rank up depending on there w/l ratio. As you rank up, you'll be able to compete against players with the same skill as you. Rank system is only used in classic competitive mode.

CS: GO now features a cool-down system. Cool-down system is only used in classic competitive mode to restrict players from playing the game mode for a amount of time that can last long as a week. Cool-downs can be caused by 'attacking your teammates too much', or 'leaving in mid-game'. I liked the cool-down feature, but as well as I disliked it later on. Let's take an example: you're throwing an grenades and your teammate moves in to your grenade. Even though your teammate moves towards the grenade, you're the person who'll receive an warning. Also, your Internet connection might not be good and gets disconnected randomly which causing you to disconnect from the game, but if you won't be able to reconnect in 4 minutes, you'll receive a warning.

I believe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the only games that is currently on market that actually provides a very competitive and a challenging game experience to players. CS: GO continues to provide player the previous real Counter-Strike experience without any huge noticeable changes has been made. CS: GO is definitely a big step up for the Counter-Strike franchise. 15 dollars that you spend on this game is worth it! If you're planning on purchasing it, it's worth purchasing it for PC since it has a huge player base, modification support, as well as frequent updates.

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