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Free to play. What's there to lose?

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you get a game for free?
"Hmm, it can't be as good as paid games."
Well, Blacklight: Retribution by Cryptic Studios gave me a new perspective about how free games can actually live up to your expectations and succeed to beat lots of paid shooter games. But what makes it shine brighter than the other shooter games?

Extremely polished

One thing that you'll enjoy most about this game is the top notch graphics it has, the textures weren't perfect, yet pretty sharp. Gun fights were a lot of fun to have with these graphics. The game renders pretty well, it'll work smoothly on mid-end computers, but it's always preferable to raise the graphics to the max (If your rig can handle it) to enjoy Blacklight to its limits.

It has a background story.. I think

As most shooter games in the market, the game comes with a background story, I only noticed that before writing this review, which means the story has nothing to do with your experience with Blacklight. This is how most of shooter games work though, you'll rarely find a good first person shooter with a story that you actually care about.

Nothing extraordinary about the sounds

When I play an FPS, I like to wear headphones and listen to the enemy's footsteps so I can easily track him down. Blacklight does a fair job at that. Sometimes, I'd swear that the footsteps came from behind me, and when I turn around, I get shot in the head, either my headphones are trolling me, or Blacklight didn't balance the game sounds as a hardcore gamer would expect.

The gun sounds were decent, didn't sound corny, yet it didn't make me jump off my seat from excitement either. Every gun has a slightly different sound. And there are plenty of guns.

You wont find yourself humming the game's music, there are some nice soundtracks in-game. But then again, it wont mess with your experience if you're here just to shoot some heads off.

From a handgun to a rocket launcher, they have it all.

The game has a decent amount of guns, not much compared to Combat Arms, but it'll never make you feel short of equipment.
It has allot of skins as well (though, you'll have to pay real money for most of them). Every character you buy has a unique look. So it's worth it if you're considering paying for the game.

Lots of variety

The game truly stands out for it's variety, it has slots for a med kit, an ammo crate and allot of usual and unusual items you usually find yourself needing in the battlefield.

Game modes, capture this, kill that

Nothing jaw dropping here, the game comes with the famous team deathmatch and free for all, plus some other game modes like capture the flag. There are dozens of maps, and I'm sure they'll be adding more soon.

It's free!

Seriously, what do you have to lose? The game offers allot of variety with some serious graphics. It's really stable, there's no ping spikes or unstable pings, just make sure you have a nice internet connection (preferably a DSL cable) and that you live near the server.

Bottom-line?  A must get!

You don't see games like this everyday, I recommend this to everybody who plays FPS, and everyone who don't, it has a really friendly interface for new FPS players and it's really entertaining. Even if you're losing a match, it always feel pleasant after every game.

Have I mentioned it's free?

Lots Of Customization